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The School of Architecture evolved out of the Department of Architecture founded in 1946 by Chinese architect and educator Liang Sicheng. The school is headed by dean prof. Zhuang Weimin, and is academically routed in prof. Wu Liangyong’s theory of the Human Settlements. Well established architects such as Thomas Herzog, Li Xiaodong, Zhang Li, Wang Hui and George Kunihoro are part of the solid faculty to develop a high level of education in the English Program Master of Architecture (EPMA).
“Participating at the EPMA has provided me with an inside view of the state of architecture in China. It has been a privilege for me to get critiques from such experienced faculty. In addition, I believe that among the students, with their implication and contribution, a vibrant interchange of knowledge happens. Therefore, I encourage committed international students to enroll in the EPMA and share their vision for a future architecture.”


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