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In 2008, the School of Architecture began offering the English Program for Master in Architecture, the first M. Arch taught in English in China. This new program is a witness to the increased level of commitment to international dialogue and exchange of ideas the School of Architecture has made, thus allowing it to play a vital role on the international stage. In the 2010 International Assessment on the Academic Program of Architecture, the school is evaluated as having “High Standing in the World”.

The school is fully committed to engage an international dialogue, bridging academic cultures and providing a hub for contemporary architecture discussions. The EPMA is a bridge between the world and China, where top visiting scholars are teaching side by side with their Chinese equivalents in a small, intensive studio environment.

The EPMA provides foreign students a chance to become part of China’s future and enables our school to be inspired by fresh energy from outside. This underlines the school’s ambition to create a vibrant academic environment. The EPMA works side by side with other initiatives to build a high-level research platform. It joins professor Wu Liangyong’s integrated research Institute For Human Settlements, or, in the field of building energy saving, the Tsinghua-U. Penn Building Energy Saving Centre, well established in the area of building modeling, simulation and BIM, towards a future China. These and the pursuit of accreditation from international professional associations strengthen the school’s position in the field of architecture.

Tsinghua School of Architecture occupies a leadership position in China. This is amply demonstrated by the number one position taken during the first national ranking of architectural education by China’s Ministry of Education in 2003, and the School’s subsequent leading position in 2008. It also coincides with the number of pedagogic awards that have accrued to faculty members, as reported in the self assessment report, as well as with general opinion held among knowledgeable review committee members”.

“Tsinghua School of Architecture has been active for some time in promoting international exchanges with other programs and schools of architecture, particularly in Europe and in the United States. The School has also been actively involved in pursuing research with overseas institutions and in regularly hosting lectures by international academics, practitioners and public figures. Consequently through these and other exercises the School has become well known internationally, certainly among the top schools of architecture in China.”

P.Rowe, D.Frenchman, L.Jewell, L.Gazzola, A.Penn, J. Rosemann.

Accreditation Committee. 2010 

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