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Studio and Classrooms

The EPMA studio is located on the fifth floor where students take the majority of classes. The studio is an open environment with two projectors and space to develop and discuss on projects. Each studio has an individual work desk and a locker to store personal belongings. The school and studio are open 24/7, each student receives a key of the common studio space.

Most of the lectures and seminars are held in the School’s lecture hall, the multi-purpose hall to the multimedia classroom. Seminars such as the Asian lecture, the MIT seminar and the student Union’s forums were held here.


Ever since the founding of the school, much emphasis has been put on the collection of academic resources. The school has a resource centre and a sub-library affiliated with the Library of Tsinghua University. The library has a current collection of over 100,000 books, including some 50,000 books in Chinese and some 50,000 in foreign languages. The library subscribes to 151 domestic and 152 foreign periodicals. The resource centre has a collection of some 400,000 film-media slides or negatives. The best and most precious part of all the collections are the archive of original documents from several fundamental institutes in Chinese architectural history, including the Imperial Yang-Shi-Lei and Suan-Fang-Gao in the Qing Dynasty, and the Chinese Academy of Construction in the early 20th century. On average, there are about 100 books per student.


The workshop in the ground floor of the architectural building with a total of 400 m2, it is an efficient place to work on projects. It has a dedicated staff to assist while using big machinery, as well as a material store that sells materials from plastic, illustration boards and wood to metal. There are various working tables, with a considered area to discuss and work. The workshop house state of the art equipment, including 2D laser-cutters, a CNC machine, 3D printing tools, various wood cutting machines, foam cutters, etc. They can all be used for free.

Computer lab

The computer lab is located in the first floor of the School of Architecture, with a total of 70-meter square, with more than 20 computers. Classes such as Parametric Design using Maya, Rhino and Grasshopper are held during winter and summer. In the computer lab is a welcoming environment to develop projects during the semester.

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