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Tsinghua University has a special facility for housing international students, in various room configurations (from single rooms to dormitory style). It is a great place for students who want to experience a dynamic life between local and international environment. It is located in a comfortable environment, with complete daily facilities such as eastern and western restaurants, banks, post office, fruit and vegetable market, photo studios, barber’s, and laundries.


With a Tsinghua Student ID Card and a small fee, students are able to access the University’s sport facilities at reduced costs. These include outdoor and indoor swimming pool, diving and gymnasium that provides badminton, table tennis, basketball, gymnastic apparatus , tennis court etc. All the sport facilities are located on campus and will serve students who wants to exercise to keep a healthy life. There is a vibrant sports culture, from athletics to tai chi.


International students are encouraged to participate in various extracurricular activities and join the student associations of the University. The University’s Foreign Student Affairs Office also organizes extracurricular activities for international students, including welcome parties for new students, New Year’s party, graduation party, tourist visits to Chinese cultural and historical destinations, sports competitions and performance.

The EPMA program every year has students from different continents. It is amusing to experience the exchange amount the classmates. In addition, The Architecture Student Union also organizes activities with local and international students.

“The experience of the EPMA is unique as classmates from different countries share the experience of living in Beijing. During holidays we organized several trips in- and outside China, ranging from Shanghai or Inner Mongolia, to South Korea and Hong Kong. On weekends, the Student Union occasionally organized trips inside Beijing as well, such as snowboarding in winter, in the mountains close by. That was really fun, so after the first trip I went boarding almost every weekend. Then during the winter break I even coached for one month in a snow board camp, that was a very enjoyable experience.”

Ba Yan Aung. EPMA 2013. Myanmar.

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