Zhou Zhengxu
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Rural studies, Rural community planning and design, Preservation and Rehabilitation of Historical Towns and Villages


2019-present  Associate Professor




2016-2019    TSINGHUA UNIVERSITY                                                                       BEIJING


2015-2016    SAPIENZA UNIVERSITY OF ROME                                                    ROME

Post-Doc. Researcher.

2013-2015    TSINGHUA UNIVERSITY                                                                       BEIJING

Post-Doc. Researcher.



2006-2013    TSINGHUA UNIVERSITY                                                                       BEIJING

Ph.D degree in Urban and Rural Planning in July 2013.

2002-2006    TSINGHUA UNIVERSITY                                                                       BEIJING

Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch) degree in July 2006.



2016-2018    The National Natural Science Foundation of China

Research on spatial pattern, generation mechanism and planning response of poverty-stricken areas in Guizhou based on County scale.

2019-present   National Key R&D Program, Sub-program

Evaluation Model and Change Monitoring of Village Settlement Development

2015-2015    Special Project of China Post-doctoral Science Foundation

A comparative study on the spatial forms of mountain settlements in central Guizhou and Northern Italy.

2013-2015     China Post-doctoral Science Foundation

Research on spatial factors and mechanism of poverty in Guizhou County Based on panel data.

2015-2016    Sapienza University of Rome, International Cooperation Fund

Evolutions and Challenges of Traditional Mountainous Settlements: A Comparative Study of Guizhou Plateau and Italian Mountainous Region.




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Zhou Zhengxu. Study on the Construction of Human Settlement Environment at County Levels in Poverty-stricken Areas of Guizhou [M]. Beijing: China Construction Industry Press, 2018.



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ZHOU Zhengxu, ZHAO Wenning. Analysis on Spatial Impact Factors of Poverty and Its Planning Suggestions: A Case Study of Guizhou Counties[A]. The 9th International Association For China Planning (IACP) Conference[C].Chongqing:  2015

ZHOU Zhengxu. Housing Investigation and Policy Recommendation[A]// Proceeding of the International Symposium on Housing Affordability and Market Stability[C].Beijing: 2009



2016-        Architecture Design Studio                                                           Tsinghua Univ.

2016-        Urban and Rural Design Studio                                                   Tsinghua Univ.

2018-        Surveying and Mapping of Traditional Villages and Towns      Tsinghua Univ.

2018-        Rural Planning for Urban-Rural Coordination Development     Tsinghua Univ.



2019 -                Town and Village Architecture Branch, Architecture Society of China  

Committee member

2019-                 Academic Committee of mountainous urban and rural planning, Chinese Society for Urban Studies 

Deputy Secretary-General

2016-                 Human Settlement Environment Volume, Encyclopedia of China (3rd edition)            




2018        First Prize, the 12th Outstanding Achievement Award of Philosophy and Social Sciences in Guizhou Province (Contributor ranking 1/1)

2018        First Prize, Beijing Higher Education Teaching Achievement Award (Contributor ranking 10/11)

2016        Excellent Paper Award, < Decoration>

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