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GeoComputation and GeoDesign

The application   of spatial information technology in cultural heritage protection and   territorial spatial planning


Bachelor of   Engineering Surveying ,Wuhan Institute of Surveying and Mapping,1987

Master's degree   in Engineering Surveying , Wuhan University of Surveying and Mapping   Technology,1990

Doctor of   cartography and Geographic Information Engineering, Wuhan University,2002


Lecturer (1990 -   2000), School of Resources and Information at China University of Petroleum   (East China)

Associate    Professor (2000 - 2003), School of Resources and Information at China   University of Petroleum (East China)

Postdoctor (2003   - 2005),School of   Architecture, Tsinghua University

Associate    Professor (2005 - present),School of Architecture, Tsinghua University



1. Practice in Architectural Surveying

2. Comprehensive Practice of Geographic   Information System and Remote Sensing Planning


1. Geographic Information System Engineering   Applications

2. Remote sensing digital image processing and   cartography


1. Development and Application of an Intelligent   Location Analysis System for Overseas Agricultural   Land Expansion Based on DAS Technology, Tsinghua University Guoqiang Research   Institute Project, 2022-2023

2. Research on   the Evaluation and Analysis Technology of Urban Street Vitality Based on DAS,   2021-2022, Building Life Cycle Quality Management Research Center Project,2021-2022

3.Qingdao Natural Resources Monitoring   Intelligent Statistical Analysis System Based on DAS, Qingdao Survey and   Mapping Research Institute Project, 2021-2022

4. Research on the Methodology and Knowledge   Model of Digital Planning National Key R&D Plan Sub project, 2019-2022,

5. Integrated Platform for Monitoring Changes in   Villages and Towns, National Key R&D Plan Sub project, 2018-2022

6. Research on Chaoyang District Planning Big   Data Platform, Project of Evergrande Real Estate Group Beijing Co., Ltd,   2014-2016

7. Design of the construction plan for the smart   Dingyuan geographic information spatiotemporal cloud platform, Dingyuan   County Urban Infrastructure Development and Construction Co., Ltd. project,   2017-2018

8. Chaoyang District Urban Planning Big Data   Scenario Analysis and Auxiliary Decision System, Chaoyang Planning Branch   Project, 2014-2016

9. Dynamic Geographic Simulation Model for Urban   Public Safety Emergency Response and Its Application in Urban Public Safety   Planning, National Natural Science Foundation Project, 2012-2015

10. Development of a Geographic Information   System for Cultural Heritage Disaster Assessment, China Cultural Heritage   Academy Project, 2011-2011

11. China Grand Canal Protection and Management   Plan, 2010-2011, China Cultural Heritage Institute Project, 2010-2011

12. Research on Scientific and Technological   Issues in the Investigation and Assessment of Cultural Heritage Resources,   Project of the National Cutural Heritage Administration, 2009-2010

13. Research on Dynamic Monitoring Method of   Historical and Cultural Heritage Based on "3S" Technology, National   Cutural Heritage Administration Project, 2008-2009

14. Qingdao Basic Geographic Information   Integration and Public Sharing Platform Standard, Qingdao Survey, Design and   Research Institute Project, 2006-2007


1. Innovative Research on the Integration of   Geographic Computing Language and GIS Practical Teaching, Outstanding   Teaching Achievement Award of the 10th University GIS Forum in 2022, 1/4, 2022.10

2. New Geographic Computing Model, World's   Leading Internet Technology Achievements, Listed, 1/1, 2021.9

3.A New GeoCompuation Pattern, Geneva   International Invention Exhibition Award, Gold Award, 1/52021.4

4. Key technologies of urban large-scale stereo   image data acquisition, processing, expression and urban planning and design,   scientific progress Award of Beijing, third prize, 4/15, 2011.10

5. Construction of Qingdao Geographic   Information Resource Sharing Platform, Qingdao Science and Technology   Progress Award, Second Prize, 4/152009.04

6. Construction of Qingdao Geographic   Information Resource Sharing Platform, China GIS Association Award, Silver   Award, 3/15, 2008.11


1. A new type of   geoComputation device (ZL201910584442.8), 1/1, 2022.02, patent (authorized)

2. Customized   function extension method, device, device, and storage medium based on DAS,   ZL 202210532723.0, 1/1, 2022.05, patent (authorized)

3. Structured   parameter analysis method, device, device, and medium for geoComputation   language, ZL 202210498166.5, 1/1, 2023.02, patent (authorized)

4. DAS system for evaluating street spatial   environment and street vitality, 2022SR0559044, 1/1, 2022.03, Software Copyright

5. Global   COVID-19 time-space analysis DAS system, 2020SR1667975, 1/1, 2020.12, Software   Copyright

6. DAS system   for spatiotemporal big data collection and analysis, 2020SR1688671, 1/1, 2020.12,   Software Copyright

7. Tsinghua GIS   Practical Teaching DAS System, 2020SR1812439, 1/1, 2020.12, Software   Copyright

8. Integrated   platform for monitoring changes in villages and towns, 2020SR1669257, 1/1, 2020.12,   Software Copyright

9. Intelligent   Data Processing and Analysis System for Dual Evaluation of Land and Space   Planning, 2019SR0680488, 1/2, 2019.07, Software Copyright

10. Construction   and Application System of Urban Model Rule Library, 2018SR1012217, 1/1 2018.12,   Software Copyright

11. Planning big   data land use adjustment scenario analysis system, 2016SR357664, 1/1,   2016.12, Software Copyright

12. Geographic   Information System for Dynamic Monitoring of Cultural Heritage, 2013SR160406,   1/1, /2013.12, Software Copyright

13. Tsinghua   Geographic Design System, 2013SR160411, 1/1/2013.12, Software Copyright

14. Cultural   Heritage Disaster Assessment GIS System, 2013SR005642, 1/1, 2013.01, Software   Copyright

15. Supporting   System for Large Site Protection Planning, 2009SRBJ4731, 2/8, 2009.07, Software   Copyright


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