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Historic  Preservation Planning

Urban Design

City Strategic  Planning

Leisure Study  and Recreation Planning



Doctor of  Philosophy in Architecture, School of Architecture, Tsinghua University,  2003 to Present

Master in  Urban Planning and Design, School of Architecture, Tsinghua University,  1989-1992

Bachelor in  Architecture, School of Architecture, Tsinghua University, 1982-1987



2001-Present,  Associate Professor, Dept. of Urban Planning, Tsinghua Univ., Beijing

2000-2001,  Visiting Scholar, SEMAPA (Societe d’Economie Mixte d’Amenagement de  Paris), Paris, France

1999-2000,  Assistant Director, Planning Commission of Yunnan Provincial Government,  Kunming, Southwest China

1992-1999,  Lecturer, Dept. of Urban Planning, Tsinghua Univ., Beijing

1987-1989,  Architect, Shanghai Branch of Jiangxi Architecture Design Institute,  Shanghai



The Historic  Preservation Planning for the Shichahai Conservation Area in Beijing  Inner City, 2000

The  Conservation and Tourist Development Planning for the Shuixi Old Street  in Anhui Province, Eastern China, 2001

The  Revitalization Planning for the Central Downtown Area of Zhengzhou City,  the Capital of Henan Province, Central China, 2001

The Series of  Conservation and Revitalization Planning for Datong National Historic  City, North China, 2002

The  Revitalization Planning for Aitigar Plaza, the Central Public Square of  Khasigar City, Xinjiang Ulgur Autonomous Region, Far Western China, 2002

The Urban  Design for the South Area along the Royal Resort Garden in Chengde  Historic City, the Former Summer Capital of Qing Dynasty, Hebei  province, North China, 2003

The  Conservation Planning for Kuling (Cooling) Town, the Summer Resort  Capital of China between 1927-1949, Jiangxi Province, Eastern China,  2003

The  Conservation Planning for Historic Area of Guangzhou City, Guangdong  Province, Far South China, 2004

The  Revitalization Planning for the Historic Center of Hohhot City, Inner  Mongolia, North China, 2004

The Site  Planning for the Hot Spring Resort in the Suburb of Pingyao City, a  UNESCO Listed World Cultural Heritage, Shanxi Province, North China,  2005

The  Regeneration Planning for the Qibao Sub-Center in Shanghai City, 2006

The  Regeneration Planning for the Peripheral Area around the Forbidden City  in Shenyang, 2007

The  Conservation & Revitalization Planning for the Inner City of Ganzhou,  Jiangxi Province, Eastern China, 2008




House Design &  Residential planning (10 students in spring)

Urban Design  (10 students in spring)

Diploma  Project (1-2 students for one year)




The 6th  Inter-University Seminar on Asian Megacities, Taipei, March, 2001

The 7th  Inter-University Seminar on Asian Megacities, Manila, March, 2002

The 8th  Inter-University Seminar on Asian Megacities, Beijing, March, 2003

The 9th  Inter-University Seminar on Asian Megacities, HongKong, March, 2004

The 11th  Inter-University Seminar on Asian Megacities, Bangkok, March, 2006

The 12th  Inter-University Seminar on Asian Megacities, Seoul, March, 2007

The 13th  Inter-University Seminar on Asian Megacities, Manila, March, 2008

The 1st  Workshop for Historic Cities in Eastern and Central Asia, Kunming,  China, February, 2004

The 2nd  Workshop for Historic Cities in Eastern and Central Asia, Samarkand,  Uzbekistan, March, 2005

The 3rd  Workshop for Historic Cities in Eastern and Central Asia, Baku,  Azerbaijan, October, 2005

The 4th  Workshop for Historic Cities in Eastern and Central Asia, Ufa, Russia,  October, 2006

The 6th  Workshop for Historic Cities in Eastern and Central Asia, Tokyo, Japan,  November, 2008

The 4th  Seminar on Japanese and French Cities, Kamakura, Japan, June, 2004

The  International Seminar on the Historic Cities in Euro-Asia, Florence,  Italy, January, 2007

The 10th  Cambridge Heritage Seminar, Cambridge, UK, April, 2009

Social organization

Member of the  City Infrastructure Commission, Beijing Association of Urban Planning



Journal papers

1.  The Planning and  Construction of American New Towns. FOREIGN URBAN PLANNING, VOL.4, 1998,  BEIJING.

2.    Tourism Planning of  Shichahai Historic Preservation Area in Beijing Inner City. BEIJING CITY  PLANNING & CONSTRUCTION REVIEW, VOL 2, 1999, BEIJING.

3.   Some Topics about Planning  of Small Town in Less Developed Areas. CITY PLANNING REVIEW, VOL.3,  1999, BEIJING.

4.   Revealing Ancient  Capital’s look and Recovering Its’ Commercial Vitality, -Rehabilitation  Planning for Qianhaidongyan of Shichahai District in Beijing.  ARCHITECTURAL JOURNAL, VOL.7, 1999, BEIJING.

5.   The Planning and Design of  Yacht Club. CITY PLANNING REVIEW, VOL.9, 1999, BEIJING.

6.   Risk Assessment and  Anti-disaster Planning of Foreign Cities and Their Enlightenment to Us.  URBAN PLANNER, VOL.2, 2000, NANNING.

7.   Ecologial city, Ecological  Agriculture, and Ecological Tourism, -West Coast Planning of Shenzhen  City of Guangdong Province. ARCHITECTURAL JOURNAL, VOL.5, 2000, BEIJING.

8.   Some Theoretical Issues  about Historic Preservation Planning. CENTRAL CHINA ARCHITECTURAL  JOURNAL, VOL.2, 2000, WUHAN.

9.   The Conservation &  Revitalization Planning for the Inner City of Hohhot, ARCHITECTURAL  JOURNAL, VOL.1, 2005, BEIJING.

10.  The Importance of Urban  Infrastructure in the Education of Urban Planning ADVANCED ARCHITECTURE  EDUCATION, VOL.2, 2005, CHONGQING.


1.   Zhang Min & Qin Xiaomei,  MODERN ARCHITECTURE, China Social Science Press, 1995

2.   Wang Jichi & Zhang Min,  etc, GEOGRAPHY, China People’s Education Press, 1998

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