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YU Taofang is a tenured associate professor in Department of urban planning, School of architecture, Tsinghua University. His teaching interests have Urban Economics, Urban and Regional Planningand Urban Geography. And the research interests focus on China Mega City Regions and Mega Regions; Beijing Urban Planning Studies; and Comparative study of City Regions worldwide. Human Habitat in Asia-Pacific Area

YU Taofang got the Bachelor degree in Economic Geography and the Doctor degrees in Human Geography from Nanjing University. He was a postdoctoral fellow at the School of Architecture and Urban Planning of Tongji University in 2003-2005a visiting scholar at the London School of economics in 2008-2009, and a visiting scholar at Queen University in Canada in 2014 the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2000.

At present, he is the deputy director of the professional committee of Urban Geography of China Geographic Society, the member of the directors board of China Regional Science Association, the deputy director of the professional committee of Spatial Planning and Research of China Natural Resources Society, the deputy director of the professional committee of China Administrative Division and Spatial Governancethe member of Urban Economics Discipline Construction Committee of China Urban Economics Societythe members of the academic committee of China Urban Planning Society ; Editorial board member of Urban Planning International, etc.

Till now, Yu Taofang has published nearly 10 books either independently or in collaboration with others since 2000. As 1st author the books have Urban Competition (2004), to Govern the City and the Countryside (Ti Guo Jing Ye): Spatial Planning of Towns (2021), China Mega City Regions and Mega Regions (2022), Heritage Urbanism: Urban Design of Han Dynasty Heritage Ring in Xuzhou (2022). Normocracy or Teleocracy: Spatial Planning of County Level Cities (2023).  His nearly 150 papers in manuscripts and journals, both at home and abroad, cover Urban Geography, Urban Economics and Urban Planning Disciplines.

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