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Urban Design

Strategic Planning and Regional Governance

Architecture Design 


Doctor of Engineer, School of Architecture, Tsinghua University, 2007

Master of Engineer, School of Architecture, Tianjin University, 2003

Bachelor of Engineer, School of Architecture, Tianjin University, 2000


2012.12-        Associate professor, School of Architecture, Tsinghua  University, Beijing, China/  Editor in Charge, China City Planning Review

2008.12-2012.12, Lecturer, School of Architecture, Tsinghua University,  Beijing, China

2007/07 -2008/10 ,Post-doctoral Researcher, TU Dortmund, Germany

2007/07-2008/04, Visiting Scholar, Berlin Free University, Germany


Strategic Planning and Regional Governance of German Metropolitan  Regions(supported by Alexander von Humboldt Foundation)

Institutions and Institutional Environment of Urban Design  Operation(supported by NSFC)

Construction Mechanism of World City for Beijing: Based on Regional  Collaboration and Regional Governance (supported by Beijing Philosophy  and Social Science Planning Project)

Study on Design Strategies and Control Mechanisms for Urban Open Space  (supported by Tsinghua University)



Architectural Design1 (10 students in Autumn)

Architectural Design 2 (10 students in Spring)


      Urban Design (30 students in Spring)


2011/08  First prize, Excellent Urban and Rural Planning Projects, Beijing  Municipal Commission of Urban Planning

2009/09  Honorable Mention, Fifth National Youth Urban Planning Paper  Competition , Urban Planning Society of China

2009/07  First prize, 2008 Excellent Urban and Rural Planning Projects of Hebei Provence,  Urban  Planning Department of Hebei Province

2004/09 Winning paper, “Qiushi” National Planning Paper Competition,  Urban Planning Society of China



2012.09, China Urban Planning Annual Meeting, Kunming

2010,07, 23rd AESOP Conference, Helsinki

2010.06, 3rd Conference of International Association for China Planning,  Shanghai,

2008.09, 44th ISOCARP Congress, Dalian

2008.07, 4th ACSP-AESOP Joint Congress, Chicago, USA

2008.01, Globalisierung, sozio-ökonomischer Wandel und politische  Spaltung in den Metropolen des 21. Jahrhunderts,  Berlin



1. Tang  Yan. Urban Design Works: Institutions and Instituional Enviornment.  BeijingChina  Building Industry Press 2012.2

2. Tang Yan.  Regional  Governance and Cooperation of Metropolitan Region in Germany.  BeijingChina  Building Industry Press 2011.9

3. Tang Yan, Klaus R  Kunzmann. Creative City in Practice: European and Asian Perspectives. Beijing:  Tsinghua University Press (under publishing)

4. Wu  Liangyong etc.  "Beijing 2049"  Spatial Development Strategies. Beijing: Tsinghua University Press , 2012.4

Journal papers

 1. Wu Tinghai, Zhang Guocheng, Tang Yan. Objective System and Strategic Path of Urban Planning in  World Cities. Beijing City Planning & Construction Review, 2012/4

 2. Klaus. R. Kunzmann, TANY Yan. Creative Cities in Europe and China.  Urban Planning International: 2012/03

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 4. Gan Lin, Tang Yan. Creative Cities: From International Experience  to Local Practice. Urban Planning International: 2012/03

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 6. Xu Jingquan, Tang  Yan. Study on Multi-modes of Regional Governance in Ruhr Metropolitan  Region and its Experience to China. Beijing City  Planning & Construction Review,  2011/5

 7. Tang Yan, Xu Jingquan. Strategies and Approaches of Urban Design  Institutional Innovation. Urban Problems, 2011/4

 8. Tang Yan.  Comparative Case Study of Regional Governance of German Metropolitan  Region. Urban Planning International, 2010/6

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 10. Tang Yan. A Review on Urban Design: A Typology of Procedures and  Products. Urban and Regional Planning Studies2010/1

 11. Tang Yan, WU Weijia. Paradox and Controversy of Urban Design  Institutions. China City Planning Review,2009/2

 12. Tang Yan. On the Characteristics and Development Trends of the  Metropolitan Regions of Germany. Urban Problems: 2009/02

 13. Tang Yan, Wu Weijia. The Construct Methods of the Urban Design  System with Flexibility and Diversity. Modern Urban Research: 2009/01 

  14. Tang Yan. Inter-regional Cooperation and Planning Coordination  Mechanism in Metropolitan Region of Berlin-Brandenburg. Urban Studies:  2009/01

 15. Tang Yan, Wu Weijia. Comparative Study of Urban Design Management  under the Institutional Environment. Chinese and Overseas  Architecture:2008/11

 16. Tang Yan, Klaus R. Kunzmann. The Evolution of Spatial Planning for  Beijing. Informationen zur Raumentwicklung, 2008/8

 17. Tang Yan. Network of Polycentric Metropolis in Europe:  Introduction of the Polycentric Metropolis, Learning from Mega-city  Regions in Europe. Urban Planning International: 2008/02

 18. Tang Yan. The Experience of Brownfield Redevelopment in Ruhr  Industrial Region. Urban Planning International: 2007/03

Selected conference proceedings

 1. Tang Yan, Bian Lanchun, Hejing. The 23rd AESOP Conference. How Can  Urban Design Work Efficiently under the Traditional Urban Planning and  Administration System in China? Helsinki, Finland, 2010,07

 2. Tang Yan. The Evolution of Long and Medium-term Strategic Planning  and its Enlightenment to Beijing. The third Conference of International  Association for China Planning. Shanghai, 2010,06

 3. Tang Yan, Xu Jingquan. Regional Governance of the Capital  Metropolitan Region: A Comparative Study of Berlin-Brandenburg and  Beijing. 44th ISOCARP Congress. Dalian, China, 2008.09

 4. Tang Yan,  Klaus R. Kunzmann. Strategic Planning and Polycentric Development: A  View on Beijing. 4th ACSP-AESOP Joint Congress. Chicago, USA: 2008.07

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