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After graduating from Tsinghua University in succession  with a Bachelor Degree in Architecture and a Master Degree in Urban  Planning & Design, LIU Jian has taught at School of Architecture  Tsinghua University since 1994. She took an advanced study at l’Ecole  Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Paris-Belleville and got a Doctor  Degree in Urban Planning & Design at Tsinghua University. Between 2007  and 2012 she served as Assistant Dean of the School and as Associate  Dean since 2013.


In her professional career in urban planning, LIU Jian  works as professor, researcher and city planner, with particular  interests on town and rural planning, urban planning institution, urban  regeneration, and international comparative studies on urban planning.  As Associate Professor, she chairs the design studio of Town Master  Planning and the seminars of Comparison of Architectural and Urban  Culture between East and West (in English) and Urban Planning &  Development of Paris Region in the 20th Century; she also participates  in the design studio of Urban Design and the seminar of Contemporary  Urban Planning and Design (in English), as well as a series of  internationally joint studios. She is also the curriculum director for  the Training Program on Sustainable Urbanization Development jointly  held by China Mayors’ Association, Tsinghua University, Paulson  Institute, and The University of Chicago. As Researcher, she either  presided or participated in many research projects, including those sponsored by China Natural Sciences  Foundation, such as Land Property Rights, Land Readjustment & Rural  Planning: A Study on Implementation Mechanism of Integrated Utilization  of Rural Collective-Owned Constructible Land, Evolution of Urban  Planning System amid Transition Based on Comparisons among China, Japan  and France, Rural & Urban Spatial Development in Greater Beijing Region,  and Development & Construction of Built-up Environment Amid Rapid  Urbanization in Economically Developed Regions; those commissioned by  governments and governmental departments, such as Legislation of Urban  Planning in Foreign Countries commissioned by the Ministry of Housing  and Urban-Rural Development, Spatial Development Strategies of Beijing  commissioned by Beijing Municipal Commission of Urban Planning, and  Research on the Urban and Rural Planning System of Kunming commissioned  by Kunming Planning Bureau; and those in collaboration with  international partners, such as the European Horizon 2020 Work Program  on Transition towards urban sustainability through socially integrative  cities in the EU and in China, Urban Development in The Mega-City Region  of Beijing in collaboration with Center for Human Settlements at the  University of British Columbia, Towards A New Paradigm for Urban  Development in The Northern Asian Region in collaboration with the  Graduate School of Design at Harvard University and the Han-A Urban  Research Institute of Korea, and What Is It That Drives Public Action on  Urban Mobility? The Making of Movement – The Case of Beijing in  collaboration with the Institut pour la Ville en Movement of France. As  Registered Urban Planner, she has been involved in the practical  projects of urban planning and design of many Chinese cities, towns and  villages including Beijing, Shaoxing, Changzhou, Nantong, Jining,  Zhangjiagang, Qufu and so on.


In addition to her academic duties at Tsinghua  University, LIU Jian was visiting scholar at the Center for Human  Settlements at University of British Colombia, l’Observatoire  d’Architecture de la Chine Contemporaine, Cité d’Architectue et du  Patrimoine, Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication de la France,  School of Architecture, Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology,  and 2016 Fulbright Visiting Scholar at Graduate School of Design Harvard  University. Being active in the domestic and international academic  circles, she serves or served as President, Vice President and Executive  Member of Asian Planning School of Association, Vice President and  Executive Council Member of World Society for Ekistics, Executive  Committee Member of International Forum of Urbanism, and Scientific  Committee Member of Société des Amis de Qufu, Academic Committee Member  of Rural Planning & Development and International Urban Planning of  Urban Planning Society of China, Academic Committee Member of Urban  Planning & Design of Beijing Society for Urban Studies and Urban  Planning Society of Beijing, and Member of Female Planner Association of  China Association of City Planning. She is on the editorial board of a  number of academic journals, such as Urban Design and L'architettura  delle città - The Journal of the Scientific Society Ludovico Quaroni and  China City Planning Review and Urban Planning International, and a Peer  Reviewer of Urban Planning Review. She has also served on a number of  international conferences, as either chair, critic, or organization  committee member.


Till now,  LIU Jian has published several books either independently or in  collaboration with others, including Suburban Development Based on  Regional Integration: Inspirations of the regional practice of Paris to  Beijing, OLYMPIed: A Study on After-Games Reutilization of Beijing 2008  Olympic Games, A Comparative Study on Legislations of Rural  Constructions of Some Foreign Countries, and Protection & Development of  the Built-up Environment of Developed Regions Amid Urbanization. Her  papers are also frequently seen in some well-known journals of urban  planning both at home and abroad.

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