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Urban Ecology and Sustainable  Development

Urban Spatial Simulation and  computational experiments



School of Architecture, Tsinghua  University,  2000

Doctor in Urban Planning and  Design

Department of Urban and  Environment, Peking University, 1994, 1991

Master, Bachelor in Physical  Geography



China’s Academy of Urban Planning  and Design,Beijing,China

Assistant Planner  (08/1994~08/1996)

School of Architecture, Tsinghua  University, Beijing, China

Senior Engineer (08/2000~present)

Course Teaching

 Postgraduate  Course: Theory and Application of Urban Ecology (20-30students in Fall)



1) Inland River Renovate and  Human Settlement Research of Fuzhou, 2012

2) Development Strategy Planning  and Regulatory Detailed Planning of Fuzhou Changle Airport, 2012

3) International Consultation  for Conceptual Planning of Nansha New Zone, Guangzhou, 2011

4) Urban Master Planning of Xibaipo, 2011

5) Urban Master Planning for  Dandong, 2010

6) Town Planning of Wuhai and  surrounding area, 2009

7) Urban Master Planning for Guigang,,2009

8) Urban System Planning for Hulun buir, 2009

9) Urban Master Planning of  Industrial Area in Yuheng, 2009

10) Urban Agglomeration(Hohhot,  Baotou, Ordos) Spatial Planning,2008

11) Spatial Development Strategy  Research of Dandong City, 2007

12) Urban Master Planning of  Yichun Central City, 2007

13) Conceptual Development  Planning of coastal area in western Zhuhai, 2006

14) Urban System Planning for  Yinchuan, 2005

15) Research on historical  environment Protection and Construction of Grand Canal, 2005

16) Regional Coordination  Planning in Beijing Urban Master Planning, 2004

17) Urban Master Planning of  Nanning, 2004

18) Urban Master Planning of  Haikou, 2003

19) City Development Conceptual  Planning of Guangzhou, 2000

20) Study of Town-rural Spatial  Development in Great Beijing , 2000-2002



1) Project manager, Development  Planning of Traffic Hub Region in Western Changzhou, Award for  Excellence Urban and Rural Planning and Design of China, Second Prize,  2012

2) Project manager, Urban System  Planning for Hulun buir, Award for Excellence Urban and Rural Planning  and Design of China, Third Prize, 2012

3) Project manager, , Award for  Excellence Urban and Rural Planning and Design of Beijing, Second Prize,  2012

4) Project manager, Urban  Agglomeration(Hohhot, Baotou, Ordos) Spatial Planning, Award for  Excellence planning and Design of Inner Mongolia, first prize, 2011

5) Project manager, Urban Master  Planning for Bayannur, Award for Excellence planning and Design of Inner  Mongolia, First prize, 2011

6) Project manager, Urban Master  Planning for Guigang, Award for Excellence planning and Design of  Guangxi Province, First prize, 2010



Journal papers

1) Wenqi Lin,Beijing Spatial  Development Scenario Analysis,Beijing Planning Review,,2012, (3): 40-44

2) Wenqi Lin,Qiu Sang,Ting Yu,  Mingfei Ma,Restructing Industry Category and Distribution Across  Administrative Areas Based on Environmental Constraint,Advanced  Materials Research,2012, 524-527: 3283-3289,

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5) Wenqi Lin, Exploration of  Urban and Rural Harmonious Pattern, Beijing Planning Review,,2010,   (1):12-13

6) Wenqi Lin, Yanran Shang,  Impacts of expanding domestic demand on city development and planning,  Planner, 2009, 25(03): 5-9

7) Wenqi Lin, Guangzhou 2020:  Strategic Research on City Development, 2008, (06):27-30

8) Wenqi Lin, Qingqiang Lu, Town  and rural planning: From form to substance, Strategic decision,2007,  (12): 30-31

9) Wenqi Lin, Innovation of  planning in the construction of New rural, Planner, 2007, 23(02):5-7

10) Changdu Chen, Wenqi Lin,  Precious natural heritage of Beijing: plant diversity, Acta Ecologica  Sinica, 2006, (04): 969-979

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15) Zhi Yin, Peng Lin, Wenqi Lin,  Xiaojin Zheng, Guangzhou Development in the Chances and challenges,  Urban Planning, 2001, 25(3): 16-19

16) Wenqi Lin, Construction of  Human Settlements in Ancient China. Urban Planning Forum, 2000, (1):  45-47


Conference Papers

1) Wenqi Lin, Xiaojin Zheng,  Ecological Exploration of Urban Planning, International Symposium on  Public Health and Environmental  Protection,pp1371-1374,Macao,2012.05.28-30

2) Wenqi Lin, Hui Zhang, Ting Yu,  Zhuqing Xia, Zhenhua Chen,Coordinating Development of City and  Industrial Park under Constraints of External Traffic,a case study in  Ordos,The 2nd International Conference on Electric Technology and Civil  Engineering,pp:727-731,Yichang,2012.05.18-21

3) Wenqi Lin, Zhiqing Song,  Control of Water Supply on Distribution of Human Settlement in Arid  Zone,The 2nd International Conference on Electric Technology and Civil  Engineering,pp:720-722页,Yichang,2012.05.18-21

4) Wenqi Lin, Ting Yu, Spatial  Allocation of Public Service Facility in Rural Area: A Case Study in  Linzhou, Henan Province, The International Conference on Remote Sensing,  Environment and Transportation Engineering,  pp:2487-2489,Nanjing,2011.06.24-26

5) Zhiqing Song, Wenqi Lin,  Variation of ecosystem services value in Kashgar:1998-2009, The  International Conference on Remote Sensing, Environment and  Transportation Engineering, pp:1871-1874,Nanjing,2011.06.24-26

6) Wenqi Lin, Ecological  Exploration of Urban Development Model, The 5th Annual Meeting of China  Association for Science and Technology, 2004



1) Reports on New Rural  Construction of China, eds:Li zuojun,  Social Sciences Academic  Press(China), 2006

2) The Second Report on the Rural  and Urban Spatial Development Planning Study for the Capital  Region(Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei), Tsinghua University Press, 2006

3) The Report on the Rural and  Urban Spatial Development Planning Study for the Capital Region(Beijing,  Tianjin and Hebei), Tsinghua University Press, 2003

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