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Urban Design and Development

Sustainable Site Planning

Neighborhood Planning and  Community Development



Ph.D in City Planning, School  of Design, University of Pennsylvania, 2011

Master in Architecture,  School of Architecture, Tsinghua University, 2007

Bachelor in Architecture,  School of Architecture, Tsinghua University, 2004



Assistant Professor, School  of Architecture, Tsinghua University (2013-present)

Post-Doctor, Department of  Urban Planning, School of Architecture, Tsinghua University (2011-2013)

Assistant Researcher, School  of Design, University of Pennsylvania (2011)


[1]. Evaluation  on Performance and Application of Climate Change Actions in American  Cities, CSCSE, 2013-2015

[2]. Second Phase of Beijing  “2049”: Historical Preservation and Integrated Planning of Beijing Inner  City. Bureau of Education, Beijing Municipality. 2011-2015

[3]. Comparative Study on  Spatial Development Strategies of Global Cities. Bureau of Urban  Planning, Beijing Municipality. 2012-2013

[4]. Translation and Research  on Global Report of UN Habitat: Urban Safe and Security. Ministry of  Housing and Urban-Rural Development, China. 2012-2013

[5]. Study on Neighborhood  Social Network in Urban Communities: Beijing for Example, Ministry of  Education, China. 2012-2014

[6]. Demand Assessment of  Public Service in Beijing Old City, Commission of Housing and  Urban-rural Development of Xicheng District, Beijing Municipality.  2012-2013

[7]. Strategies, Target, and  Action of Climate Change and GHG Emission. Penn IUR, 2009-2010

[8]. Sustainable Site Design  Manual, School of Design, University of Pennsylvania. 2009-2010

[9]. Best Practices: Global  Urban Commons Research. UN-HABITAT's World Urban Campaign (WUC), 2009




40021116Architectural Design  Studio 1

40021057Architectural Design  Studio 2

40000133Neighborhood Planning  and Housing Design Studio

40000103Urban Design Studio


[2] Graduate

70000062Urban Design Theory  and Practice

70000562Comparison of  Architectural and Urban Culture between East and West

80001103Planning Studio II:  Structural Urban Design Studio



[1]. Urban  Design, Historical and Cultural District, Taizhou, China    2010.4-2011.11

[2]. Planning and Design,  Electronic Museum, Beijing       2009.3-200.12

[3]. Planning and Design,  Science Park in Jiaxing, China  2009.11-2010.12

[4]. Urban Design Consulting,  Smart Grid Research Institute, State Grid, Beijing       2009.6

[5]. Programming and Design,  Jingmian Recreation Industrial District, Beijing   2007.307

[6]. Urban Design, Nanhu New  District in Jiaxing   2007.1-5

[7]. 1st Phase Design of the  First Hospital of Dandong City, China 2005.9-2006.2



[1]. First  Prize, Excellent Urban and Rural Planning and Design Award, Ministry of  Education, China (2013)

[2]. First Prize, Excellent  Urban and Rural Planning and Design Award, Ministry of Education, China  (2011)

[3]. Full Fellowship Research  Support. China Scholarship Council (2007-2011)



Journal  papers/conference proceedings

[1]. Liang, Sisi. Comparative  Studies on International Greening Evaluations. Journal of Civil  Engineering and Architecture.(Upcoming)

[2]. Liu, Jiayan, and Sisi  Liang. Comments on Researches on Urban Elderly Service Needs in China.  Community Design, 2013.6

[3]. Liang, Sisi. Responding  to the Essence of Place, Nature, and Context: New Town Place-making and  Urban Design Strategies. Planners, 2013.1

[4]. Liang, Sisi, and Wei  Zhang. Integrated Community for High-Technology Groups in Science Parks.  10th International Symposium for Environment-Behavior Studies  Proceedings. 2012.10

[5]. Liang Sisi.Comparative  Study on Transformation Approaches and Planning Policies of National  High-Tech Industrial Zones. China City Planning Annual Conference  Proceedings,2012.10

[6]. Liang, Sisi.  International Experiences on Sustainable Scoring System: Comparisons and  Applications. 6th IACP Conference Proceedings. 2012.6

[7]. Liang, Sisi. Planning  Management and Land Development: Core Issues of Building Sustainable  High-Technology Industrial Development Zones in China. 2011IASP Congress  Proceedings. 2011.6

[8]. Liang, Sisi. Physical  Planning Strategies for National High-Technology Industrial Development  Zones in China. 5th IACP Proceedings. 2011.6

[9]. Liang, Sisi. The Role of  Place-Making: Intervention of City Planning Strategies in Large-Scale  Mixed Use Development Districts. ACSP 51st Conference 2010.10  Minneapolis, USA

[10]. Liang, Sisi.  Sustainable Site Planning of High-Technology Industrial Development  Zones. 2009IASP-ASPA Congress Proceedings 2009.11

[11]. Liang, Sisi. Planning  and Design of National High-Technology Industrial Development Zones in  China. ACSP 51st Conference. 2009.10. Crystal City, USA

[12]. Liang, Sisi, and Wei  Zhang. Dependent Space: Environmental Behavior and Psychology of  Independence Mall Users in Philadelphia. 8th International Symposium for  Environment-Behavior Studies Proceedings. 2008.10.

[13]. Liang, Sisi. City  Planning as Profession and Education Career. ACSP-AEOP 4th Congress.  2008.7 Chicago, USA

[14]. Liang, Sisi, and  WeiminZhuang. Building Performance Evaluation: The Insurance of  Life-cycle and Sustainable Development of Architecture.Architects.  2007.3

[15]. Liang Sisi, and Wei  Zhang. Analysis on Development of Architectural Programming in  China.Academic Journal of Architecture. 2006.11

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