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Tsinghua University,  Beijing,  China

Ph.D., cum laude, 2009-2014First  Prize of Excellent Doctoral Dissertation of Tsinghua University

Harvard University, Graduate School of Design, Cambridge, MA, USA

Master in Landscape Architecture, Advanced Placement, 2001-2003

Tsinghua University,  Beijing,  China

Bachelor of Architecture, 1996-2001



12/16 – present

School of Architecture, Tsinghua University,  Beijing, P. R. China

Associate Professor full-time

08/14 – 12/16

School of Architecture, Tsinghua University,  Beijing, P. R. China

Assistant Professor full-time

08/09 – 07/14

School of Architecture, Tsinghua University,  Beijing, P. R. China

Assistant Critic part-time

12/08 – 07/09

Eastwood Design Group,  Allston, MA / Beijing, P. R. China

Senior Consultant part-time

05/08 – 11/08,

ZNA / Zeybekoglu Nayman Associates, Inc.,  Cambridge, MA / Beijing, P. R. China

Design Director full-time

07/07 – 04/08,

SWA Group,  San Francisco, CA, USA

Landscape Architect full-time

03/06 – 07/06

School of design, University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, PA, USA

Assistant Critic part-time

07/03 – 06/07,

Olin Partnership,  Philadelphia, PA, USA

Landscape Designer, Landscape Architect  full-time

06/02 – 06/03

Harvard University Faculty of Arts & Sciences, Physical Resource  and Planning Office,

Cambridge, MA, USA

Director Assistant  work-study  


08/00 – 10/00

Architectural Design & Research Institute of Tsinghua  University, Beijing, P. R. China

Student Intern



Fall  Semesters:

Theory in Landscape Architecture (graduate student)

Landscape Design Studio (graduate student)

Studio3-1 Between  Mountains and Rivers (second-year undergraduate student)

Architectural Urban Landscape Design Studio (fourth-year undergraduate  student)

Introduction to Landscape Architecture (invited course lecture,  undergraduate elective course)

Spring  Semesters:

Landscape Technology1: Grading and Road Alignment (graduate student)

Landscape Planning Studio (graduate student)

Landscape Architecture Frontier Topics (invited course lecture, graduate  student)



2018-present, International Federation of Landscape Architect Asia-Pacific Region, Chinese Delegate

2016-present, Landezine International Landscape Award, Jury Member

2015-2017,     China Association for Science and Technology International  Organizations, Member of Expert Pool

2015-present, Chinese Landscape Architecture, Reviewer

2017-present, Landscape Architecture, Invited Editor

2014-present, Urban Design, Editorial Board Member

2013-present, Landscape Architecture Frontiers, Reviewer

2012-present, World Landscape Magazine, Director of International Affairs

2012-present, Chinese Flowers Gardening and Landscaping Industry Association, Director of International Affairs

2009-present,  Chinese Society of Landscape Architects (CHSLA), Member

2006-present,  American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA), Member



2017, Council of Educators in Landscape  Architecture, President’s Award

2017, 7th Qian Xuesen City  Research “Urban Environment Challenge” Category, Gold Medal Nomination  Award

2015,  First Prize in the 9th Beijing University Junior Faculty's  Basic Teaching Skills Competition, as well as Best Presentation Award,  Best Syllabus Award, Most Popular among Students Award, China

2015,  key faculty member of University Excellent Course “Introduction to  Landscape Architecture”, Tsinghua University, China

2014,  Junior Faculty Excellence in Teaching Award, Tsinghua University, China

2014,  First Prize (Rank No.1) in the 6th University Junior Faculty  Teaching Competition, Tsinghua University, China

2013, Young Researcher Award, Tsinghua University School of Architecture,  China

2013, Guanghua Scholarship – 2nd Rank, Tsinghua University, China

2012,  Chinese National Scholarship for Ph.D. Students

2012,  Friends of Tsinghua Scholarship – Dingyemailin 2nd Rank,  Tsinghua University, China

2011, Distinction Scholarship – Beixinjiancai, Tsinghua University, China

2011, International Conference Fund for Ph.D. Student, Tsinghua University,  China

2010 - 2013,  Outstanding Academic Achievement Grant (every year), Tsinghua  University, China

2010, Emerging Scholar of Ph.D. Students Award, Ministry of Education of the  People’s Republic of China

2010, Tsinghua University 2010 Ph.D. Student Research and Innovation Fund,  Tsinghua University, China

2010, Excellent Paper Award, Tsinghua University 258th Doctoral  Forum (Architecture), Tsinghua University, China

2010, Friends of Tsinghua – Guanghua 1st Rank Scholarship, Tsinghua  University, China

2010, World Society For Ekistics (WSE) Essay Competition Second Prize (First  Prize absent, Second Prize shared by two), Two Sides of A Coin:  Brownfields Redevelopment and Industrial Heritage Conservation – Saving  the Relevant Past & Creating the Desired Future

2009, Chinese Society of Landscape Architecture (CHSLA) Essay Competition  Third Prize, Three Approaches to Teach Brownfield Studios in  Landscape Architecture Department

2006,  Representing OLIN with others to receive Honor Award for Columbus Circle  and Firm of the Year Award,

ASLA Annual Meeting, Minneapolis, MN, USA

2006,  Representing OLIN to receive Certificate of Merit for Columbus Circle,  ASLA Pennsylvania/ Delaware Chapter Annual Convention, Pittsburgh, PA,  USA

2004,  Representing OLIN with David Rubin to recruit at Harvard/MIT Career  Fair, Cambridge, MA, USA

2002,  Best of Studio Award, Harvard University Graduate School of Design, USA

2002,  “Penny White Student Projects” Grant, Harvard University Graduate School  of Design, USA

2001,  Best of Studio Award, Harvard University Graduate School of Design, USA

2001,  Award for excellence in undergraduate study, Tsinghua University, China,  USA

2000,  Scholarship for excellence in undergraduate study, Sanwa Bank  Foundation, Tsinghua University, China

2000,  Scholarship for Outstanding Social Service, Tsinghua University, China

2000,  Student Leader Prize, Tsinghua University, China

1997 - 2000,  Outstanding Academic Achievement Grant (every year), Tsinghua  University, China



Academic  Papers:

ZHENG, Xiaodi. 2017. “Brown Earth-Work”: A New Landscape Paradigm and  Research Approach for Brownfields Regeneration [J].China City Planning  Review (01):31-39.

ZHENG, Xiaodi. 2017. Upsurge, Misconception,  and Prospect: Brownfields Regeneration in Landscape Architecture in  Recent Years, Chinese Landscape Architecture (05): 10-14.

ZHENG, Xiaodi. 2017. Pedagogical Model with Ecology as Foundation – A  Case Study of Landscape Architecture Education at the University of  Pennsylvania, Architectural Journal (06):105-110.

ZHENG, Xiaodi. 2017. In the Spotlight: Water and Soil, Time+Architecture (04):04-05.

ZHENG, Xiaodi. 2015. Interpretation on Duisburg-nord Landscape Park  through the Lens of Brown  Earth-Work”, Landscape Architecture Frontiers(06):  20-29.

ZHENG, Xiaodi. 2015.   Characteristics of Industrial Brownfield Regeneration: with a Discussion  on Gas Works Park’s Convoluted Remediation Process, Environmental  Engineering(04): 156-160.

ZHENG, Xiaodi. 2015. Landscape   Research  on  Brownfield  Regeneration—"Brown  Earth-Work"  to  Bridge   Environmental  Remediation  and Landscape Design, Chinese Landscape  Architecture (04): 10-15.

ZHENG, Xiaodi; LI, Fasheng. 2015. Integrate  Aesthetics and Landscape Art into Contaminated Land Remediation,  Chinese Landscape Architecture(04): 25-28.

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ZHENG, Xiaodi. 2014. Four Project Commentaries, World Architecture(02):  46, 58, 70, 111, Beijing, China

ZHENG, Xiaodi. 2013. Review of English Dissertations and Publications  on the Subject of Brownfield Regeneration, Chinese Landscape  Architecture (02): 5-10, Beijing, China.

ZHENG, Xiaodi. 2013. Why does Freshkills Park Attract so much  Attention?, Worldscape (01): 136-145, Beijing, China.

ZHENG, Xiaodi. 2013. Establishing a Holistic Vision of Brownfields  Regeneration under the Framework of Sciences of Human Settlements,  Proceedings of Landscape Architecture of Tomorrow International Forum:  169-177, Tsinghua University, Chinese Society of Landscape Architecture,  Beijing, China.

ZENG, Ying; ZHENG, Xiaodi. 2013. Perspective of Environmental Ethics  in Brownfield Regeneration through Comparative Case Studies between  China and Abroad, Landscape Architecture Frontiers (02): 88-94,  Beijing, China.

ZHENG, Xiaodi. 2013. Can you see? (on Beijing’s heavy smog). Topos  Online Blog, Jan. 21st, 2013.

ZHENG, Xiaodi. 2011. Think Big, Birds First, Topos  (77-Making Space): 66-71, Callwey Verlag, München; Birkhäuser, Basel,  Boston, Berlin.

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ZHENG, Xiaodi. 2011. Three Distinctive Industrial Heritage Sites in  Germany (Pictorial Section), Beijing Planning Review (01): 140-153,  Beijing, China.

ZHENG, Xiaodi. 2011. Relationship between Brownfield Redevelopment  and Industrial Building Heritage Preservation, Beijing Planning  Review (01): 82-85, Beijing, China. (this article is selected from  Proceedings of China’s First Symposium on Industrial Building Heritage  Survey)

ZHENG, Xiaodi. 2010. Shichahai Lake in Beijing, Large Landscapes and  The City, Topos (73-City  Regeneration): 58-61, Callwey Verlag, München; Birkhäuser, Basel,  Boston, Berlin.

ZHENG, Xiaodi. 2010 Brownfields Redevelopment as Focus for Urbanism –  Rethinking Urbanization, Proceedings of Tsinghua University 258th  Doctoral Forum (Architecture): 212-220, Tsinghua University, China.

ZHENG, Xiaodi. 2010. Relationship between Brownfield Redevelopment  and Industrial Building Heritage Preservation, Proceedings of  China’s First Symposium on Industrial Building Heritage Survey:247-253,  Research and Preservation, Tsinghua University, China.

ZHENG, Xiaodi. 2010. People-Oriented Design: For people to use? Or  for people to look at? – Observations on Beijing’s Urban Landscape, Thinking City: 282-286, Huazhong University of Science & Technology  Press, Wuhan, China.

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ZHENG, Xiaodi. 2007. The Ray and  Maria Stata Center,  Topos (59-Water): 45-49, Callwey Verlag, München; Birkhäuser, Basel,  Boston, Berlin.

Short  Articles:

Zheng, Xiaodi.  2017. Competition as Means to Advance Teaching Skills. Tsinghua Weekly,  2017-11-3 (B06).

Zheng, Xiaodi.  2014. Commentary on four Landscape Projects. World Architecture(02): 46,  58, 70, 111.

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Zheng, Xiaodi.  2013. Growth·Bond  between Me and Tsinghua’s Landscape Program.  Historical Overview of Landscape  Architecture Development at Tsinghua University. 252-255. China Architecture & Building Press, Beijing, China.

Translated  Books & Articles:

2014,  Justin B. Hollander, Niall G. Kirkwood, Julia L. Gold; translated by  Xiaodi ZHENG, Principles of Brownfield Regeneration: Cleanup, Design,  and Reuse of Derelict Land, China Architecture & Building Press,  Beijing, China.

2015, Martin Kriegel, Barbara Münch,  Claus Steffan, Klaus Zillich; translated by LIN Borong, ZHENG Xiaodi,  ZENG Ying, LI Siyao, Towards a Carbon Free Campus – A Pan-European  Campus Network with Focus on the University of Technology Berlin, Urban  Design (01): 08-39.

2013, Jill Desimini; translated by Xiaodi  ZHENG, Wild Innovation: The Stoss Proposal to Transform Detroit,  Chinese Landscape Architecture (02): 11-19, Beijing, China.

Co-edited  Books:

2016.9,      Disaster Prevention Landscape – Renovation of Badong Landslide Sit and  Cement Factory, co-Editors: ZHU Yufan, WU Dongfan, ZHENG Xiaodi, China  Architecture & Building Press, Beijing, China.

2015.12,      International Urban Stormwater  Management and Landscape Hydrology Research: a Multidimensional  Interpretation towards Strategies, Chief Editor: Liu Hailong, Associate Editors: YANG Rui, JIA Haifeng, NI  Guangheng, ZHENG Xiaodi, HU Jie, etc. Tsinghua  University Press, Beijing, China

2015-present, Encyclopedia of China   (third edition), editorial board member, responsible for revision of  brownfield related terms in the "ecological restoration" section.

2012-present,   Architectural Design Resource Book (third edition), editorial board  member, responsible for editing the "brownfield regeneration" section in  Volume 1.

2011-2012,    Lexicographic Project for Tourism  Dictionary, National Tourism Administration, Beijing, P.R.China.

responsible for English translation & editing of several terms.


2016,  Li, Wei. Reshaping “Brown Earth-Work” – an Interview with Mrs. ZHENG  Xiaodi, Special Researcher at Tsinghua University and Registered  Landscape Architect at the USA, China Environment News, Sep. 22nd,  2016.

2010,   Jia, Meng. Project as the Foundation - an Interview with Landscape  Architect Mrs. ZHENG Xiaodi, Landscape China website, June 23rd,  2010.

2008,   Xiao, Haishao. Conquer Overseas Architectural Market, China’s New Design  Engine. Estate (24): 64-67.

2007. Stegner, Peter. Landschaftsarchitektur  in den USA. Garten+Landschaft(04): 23-27



2017, Keynote Speaker, ILGBC International  Conference for Smart Cities, Tel Aviv, Israel

2017, Speaker & Panel Moderator, International Conference on Landscape  Architecture Education (CELA/CLAEC), Beijing, China.

2017, Keynote Speaker, 11th Annual Meeting of Chinese Society of  Architecture Committee of Industrial Architecture, Beijing, China.

2017, Speaker, China Sustainable Environmental Remediation Conference,  Beijing, China.

2017, Speaker, Asian Garden Conference  and the 7th Yuanye Peak  Forum, Beijing, China.

2017, Speaker, Symposium on Wetland Landscape and Ecological City Development,  Hengshui, China

2016,  Speaker,   Sino German International Seminar: Designing Future Cities – Sustainable  Urban Development and Transformation of City Structures, Beijing, China.

2016,  Keynote Speaker, International Conference on Brownfields Regeneration &  Ecological Restoration, Beijing, China.

2016,  Speaker, Asian Garden Conference  and the 6th Yuanye Peak  Forum, Nanjing, China.

2016,  Speaker, the 10th Chinese International Garden Expo Landscape Architects  International Forum, Wuhan, China.

2015,  Keynote Speaker,   School of Architecture Doctoral Forum, Tsinghua University, Beijing,  China.

2015,  Speaker,   Tsinghua National Image Forum Annual Meeting, Beijing, China.

2015,  Speaker, Young Landscape Architects Roundtable Forum and the 3rd  Beijing-Tianjin Universities Joint Forum, Beijing, China.

2015,  Speaker,   Chinese Society of Landscape Architecture (CHSLA) Annual Conference,  Beijing, China.

2014,  Speaker,   the 5th Symposium on China’s Industrial Heritage, Xi’an,  China.

2014,  Speaker,   the 4th International Conference on Landscape Planning and  Design (Ai Jing Award), Xiamen, China.

2013, Invited Speaker, “A New Challenge for the Field of Landscape  Architecture – Brownfields Regeneration”, the 3rd Yuanye Peak  Forum of Landscape Architects, Beijing, China.

2012, Speaker, “A Mirror to Practice – Landscape Studio Education at Tsinghua  University, China”, the Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture (CELA)  2012 Annual Meeting, Champaign-Urbana, Illinois, USA

2011,  Speaker, “Brownfields to Public Parks – Ecological, Economic and Social  Benefits”, the 48th International Federation of Landscape  Architects (IFLA) 2011 World Congress – Scales of Nature, Zurich,  Switzerland

2011,  Poster Presentation, “Derelict Land to A Great Public Park, within One  Year”, Brownfields 2011 Conference, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

2011,  Invited Speaker, “An Opportunity to Reshape Public Urban Space –  Brownfields Regeneration”, Validity and Vitality in Contemporary Chinese  Cities – The 1st Space Seminar of Nanjing University,  Nanjing, China

2010, Invited Speaker, “Doctoral Research Subjects and Methodologies” Doctoral  Salon, Tsinghua University 258th Doctoral Forum  (Architecture), Beijing, China

2010, Invited Speaker, “Relationship between Brownfield Redevelopment and  Industrial Building Heritage Preservation” China’s 1st  Symposium on Industrial Building Heritage Survey, Research and  Preservation, Beijing, China

2009,  Co-Speaker (with Jie Hu), “Large-Scale, Sustainable Landscape Projects  in China” 2009 Annual Meeting of American Society of Landscape  Architects (ASLA), Chicago, USA

2009,  Invited Speaker, “Focus of American Brownfields Landscape Projects  Revealed by Two Brownfields Studios – Respectively in Harvard and Penn”  2009 Annual Meeting of Chinese Society of Landscape Architecture (CHSLA),  Beijing, China



2017, Secretary General, 2017 Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture (CELA)  Annual Meeting, Beijing, China.

2016, Executive Chair and Secretary General, International Conference on  Brownfields Regeneration & Ecological Restoration, Beijing, China.

2016, Academic Committee Member, Session Organizer and Moderator, CleanUp  Conference in China, Beijing

2013, Organizer and Moderator, Panel Discussion of Young Landscape Architects,  International Forum on Landscape Architecture of Tomorrow, Beijing,  China.

2011,  Facilitator and Plenary Dialogue Session Reporter, U.S.-China Young  Scientist Forum, Beijing, China

2009, Moderator, London2012, the Olympic Catalyst: A Legacy Ambition.  2009 Annual Meeting of American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA),  Chicago, USA.



2017-2019, China’s National Natural  Science Foundation Young Scholar Research Fund, "Regional Brownfield  Cluster’s Remote Sensing Information Extraction, Characteristic  Identification and Ecological Performance Evaluation", Beijing, China.

2016-present, Beijing Rural Landscape Planning, Design, Engineering and Technology  Research Center Research Fund, "Research on Environmental Effects of  Landfill Ecological Restoration", Beijing, China.

2016-present, Tsinghua University Independent Research Fund, “Relationship between  Campus Landscape and University Culture – Research on Waterfront  Landscape at Tsinghua University", Beijing, China.

2016-present,   Landscape Planning and Design of Bauhinia Dormitory Zone at Tsinghua  University, Beijing, China.

2015-2016,   Riverside Landscape Planning and Design at  Tsinghua University,  Beijing, China.

2014-2016,  Tsinghua University SRT Project Fund. "Research on ‘Wasted Space’ in the  Campus of Tsinghua University",  Beijing, China.

2013-2016,  Higher Education Pedagogic Reform Project of Zhejiang Province: Pedagogic Reform of the Introduction of Landscape Architecture  (KG2013044), Hangzhou, China. (team member)

2013-2015,  Asian Development Bank Technical Support Project with China’s Ministry  of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, "Management of China's Illegal  Landfills",  Beijing, China. (team member)

2012-2013, Zhejiang Province Department of  Education University Research Projects. “Comparison Research  between China and International Brownfields Regeneration Cases”  (Y201223782), China Academy of Art, Hangzhou, China. (team member)



International Workshop between Tsinghua University, China & Polytechnic  University of Catalonia, Spain & Illinois Institute of Technology, USA  (2016 Beijing)

International Workshop between Tsinghua University, China &Illinois  Institute of Technology, USA (2016 Chicago)

International Workshop between Tsinghua University, China & Polytechnic  University of Catalonia, Spain (UPC) (2017 Barcelona, 2016 Barcelona,  2014 Beijing, 2011 Barcelona, 2011 Beijing)

Sino-UK Architectural Students Joint Workshop (6 Beijing Universities  and 4 British Universities), (2013 Beijing)

International Workshop between Chiba University (Japan), Tsinghua  University (China), Seoul National University (Korea), and Beijing  Forestry University (China), Chiba, Japan (2011 Tokyo)



2011 Spring, Honor Award at Japanese Institute of Landscape Architecture  Student Competition, “Nissan Technology Center Forest Revitalization  Planning and Design”, joint student team from Tsinghua University, China  & Chiba University, Japan, (Co-Advisor with Pro. ZHANG Junhua, Chiba  University)

2017, Second Award, International Collaboration Work at Chinese  Architecture Schools, Capital Steel Factory Renovation by BAI Ruoqi, WEI  Tingfang, HUGE Jile, ZHANG Xudong and LI Bin, Instructors: ZHU Yufan and  ZHENG Xiaodi



2018-present, Chinese Delegate, International Federation of Landscape  Architect Asia-Pacific Region

2018-present, co-Director, International Affairs Office, School of  Architecture, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China.

2009-present, Foreign Affairs Coordinator, Department of Landscape  Architecture, School of Architecture, Tsinghua University, Beijing,  China.

2013, Translator, Peter Latz lecture “From Garden to Landscape”,  International Landscape Architects Forum organized by the Chinese  Society of Landscape Architecture (CHSLA), Beijing, China.

2013, Translator, Peter Walker lecture “The Constitution Garden”,  organized by the Chinese Landscape Architecture Network, Beijing, China.

2010, Coordinator & Translator, Closed Review of Student Landscape  Architecture Design Competition, 47th World Congress of International  Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA), Suzhou, China

2007, Volunteer, California  ASLA Chapter Booth, 2007 Annual Meeting of American Society of Landscape  Architects (ASLA), San Francisco, USA

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