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[ Research Field ]

China’s Local Urban Space Typology and Elements

Contemporary Chinese Urban Design Theory and Practice

Teaching of Architectural Design Basics


[ Professional Experience ]

Associate Professor, Director of the First-year Architectural Design Studio, School of Architecture, Tsinghua Univ., since 2018.12

Assistant Professor, School of Architecture, Tsinghua Univ., 2014.05~2018.11

Postdoc, Chair of History of Urban Design, GTA, Department of Architecture, ETH Zurich, Switzerland, 2011.12~2013.06

Visiting Assistant in Research(VAR), Yale School of Architecture, U.S.A., 2008.10~2009.06


[Academic Association ]

Member of the Editorial Board, theUrban DesignJournal , since 2014.03

Guest Editor, the “EL Croquis” Chinese Version2015.08~2016.03

Columnist of the Urban Architecture, the “China Reading Weekly” newspaper, 2011.06~2013.12


[ Education Background ]

Ph.D of Architecture in Engineering, Master of Architecture, School of Architecture, Tsinghua Univ., 2005.09~2011.01

Master of Architecture, School of Architecture, Tsinghua Univ., 2003.09~2005.07

Bachelor of Architecture, School of Architecture, Tsinghua Univ., 1999.09~2004.07


[ Teaching Work ]

Architectural Design Basics1.1, Architectural Design Basics1.2, Architectural Design Basics1.3, Architectural Design Basics1.4, also serve as the Director of the First-year Architectural Design Studio.


[ Awards ]

1) Excellent Young Faculty Teaching Award”,Tsinghua Univ., 2019.09

2) Excellent Teaching Award of the Year”,Tsinghua Univ., 2017.09

3) Excellent Tutorfor supervising the “Top 100 China’s Best Young Architectural Student’s Design Work” (Xiaowen MA, First-Year Design Studio Work, A Tea-House at the South Green of our Architecture School), 2019.08

4) Team Member of the Research Project--Space for Minorities in the City of Beijing, 3rd Prize of the Beijing Science and Technology Award”(Team Award), 2014.03


[ Research Projects ]

1) Principle Investigator, Research on the Typology and Elements of the Contemporary Beijing Urban Street, funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, 2018.01.01~ 2020.12.31

2) Principle InvestigatorResearch on the Elements of the Hutong Street in Beijing, funded by the Beijing Future Urban Design Centre, 2016.10.01~2019.09.30

3) Research Member, Eine wissenschaftsgeschichtliche Untersuchung städtebaulicher Manuale in der Gründungsphase der Disziplin Städtebau (1875-1930) (PI: Prof. Vittorio Lampugnani), 2011.12~2016.12.30

4) Principle Investigator, Teaching of the Space Recognition of the First-year Architectural Design Basics through the Model-Making Workshop, funded by the Tsinghua Univ., 2019.01.01~2019.12.30

5) Principle Investigator, Study on the Contemporary Teaching of the First-year Architectural Design Basics, funded by the Tsinghua Univ., 2017.01.01~2018.12.30

6) Principle Investigator, Study on the Improvements of the Teaching Method of the current First-year Architectural Design Studio of Tsinghua School of Architecture, funded by the Tsinghua Univ., 2016.07.01~2018.06.30


[ Urban Design Practices ]

1) Team Member, The General City Design and Urban Design of Principle Areas of the City of Chongli, Hebei Province(PI: Prof. Lanchun BIAN), 2017.12.15~ 2018.08.15

2) Team Member, The General Urban Design of Tianjin Binhai New Area(PI: Prof. Wenyi ZHU), 2007.11.01-2010.12.31

3) Team Member, Urban Regeneration of the Dashila Area of the Old City Center of Beijing(PI: Prof. Weijia WU), 2004-2006


[ Publications ]

§   Books

1) Jinxi CHEN*. University Campuses in Beijing[M]. Beijing: Tsinghua University Press, 2014.08.

2) Wenyi ZHU*, Jinxi CHEN, Zhen QIN. Discourse on the Contemporary Architecture of China[M]. Beijing: Tsinghua University Press, 2007.06.

3) Wenyi ZHU*, Jingru TENG, Jinxi CHEN. China Campus Guide: Tsinghua University[M]. Beijing: Tsinghua University Press, 2010.10.

4) Wenyi ZHU*, He HUANG, Yulin CHEN, Jinxi CHEN. GAETA-UN 100: Design UN Special Days Museum[M]. Beijing: Tsinghua University Press, 2006.10.

§   Journal Articles

1) Jinxi CHEN*, Case Study of Urban Design Practice Based on the Composition of Urban Space Typologies[J]. Architect, 2018(5)No.19556-62.

2) Jinxi CHEN*, A Study on Aldo Rossi’s Influence on the Contemporary Swiss Urban Architecture[J].  Architect, 2018(1)No.19147-57.

3) Jinxi CHEN*, A Review of the Critical Development of Western Urban Design Theory in the 20th Century[J]. Archi-Creation, 2015(05)No.186218-222.

4) Jinxi CHEN*, “Space Unit” Design Based on Daily-Life Experience—Teaching of the First-year Architectural Design Studio[J]. Tsinghua Journal of Education, 2019(12).

5) Jinxi CHEN*, Zeyang LIU, A Study on the Change of the Recent Discipline Focuses of Foreign Architectural Schools[J]. Architectural Journal, 2017(06)No.58594-100.

6) Jinxi CHEN*, A Study on the Early Campus Planning of Tsinghua University[J]. Architectural Journal, 2009(S1)115-114.

7) Jinxi CHEN*, Space and Public Realm: Transforming Beijing[J]. Revista Materia Arquitectura #22010(11)41-49.

8) Jinxi CHEN*, Cooperation under Competition——Relationship between American University Campus and Surrounding Environment and Its Reference to China[C]. Essays from the National Doctoral Forum / Beijing: China Architecture & Building Press2009.1099-104.

9) Jinxi CHEN*, The “Old Brand Shop” Space in the Contemporary City of Beijing[J]. Beijing Planning Review 2007(04)No.109174-178.

10) Jinxi CHEN*, Culture Making in the City of Hangzhou[J]. Beijing Planning Review2006(12), No.10720-23.

11) Wenyi ZHU*, Jinxi CHEN, The Sixty Years of the Chinese Architecture since 1949[J]. Architectural Journal, 2009(10)1-4.

§   Conference Papers

1) Jinxi CHEN*, From space cognition to primary design–Teaching of the first year design studio facing the large class enrollment of students major in architecture, urban planning and landscape design[C]. Essays from the Annual National Architectural Education Meeting of 2019/ Beijing: China Architecture & Building Press2019.1051-55.

2) Jinxi CHEN*, Liaohui GUO, Recognition of Architectural Construction and Space through the Media of 1:20 Case Model Making--Tsinghua First Year Model Making Workshop[C]. Essays from the Annual National Architecture Education Meeting of 2018/ Beijing: China Architecture & Building Press2018.11116-120.

3) Jinxi CHEN*, The Approaches of Abstract Operation and Embodied Cognition in the Teaching of the Architectural Design Basics--An Exploration of the First Studio Teaching in Tsinghua[C]. Essays from the Annual National Architecture Education Meeting of 2017/ Beijing: China Architecture & Building Press2017.11492-496.

4) Jinxi CHEN*, A Study on the Influence of Beijing Master Plans regarding the Distribution of University Campuses. 2012 Annual Meeting of the Association of American GeographersNew York, U.S.A.2012.02.24-2012.02.28.

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