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Sustainable  architecture and urbanism


PhD of  Engineering, School of Architecture, Tsinghua University, 2001

Master of  Architecture, School of Architecture, Tsinghua University, 2001

Bachelor of  Architecture, School of Architecture, Tsinghua University, 1996


School of Architecture, Tsinghua  University, Beijing, China

Lecturer (08/2001-11/2005)

Associate  Professor (12/2005-present)


Associate Professor of Faculty of Architecture, Delft University of  Technology (09/2008-09/2009)

National 1st  Class Register Architect

Membership of  Architectural Technology Committee of China Architecture Society



Architectural  Design (10 students in Spring and Autumn)

Basic  Expression of Space and Form (100  students in Autumn)

Instruction to  Ecological Architecture Design Strategies (90  students in Autumn)


Architecture  Design Studio 1 (10  students in Spring)


1. Third Prize  of the 2009 National Excellent Architecture Design. (Office Building  Design for Tianren Environment Company, Qingdao)

2. First  Prize of the 2007 Hebei Province Excellent Urban Planning.  (Master Planning for  Fengzhuang Village Reconstruction, Baoding)

3. Third  Prize of 2007 Beijing Excellent Architecture Design. (Design for the  Super Energy-Saving Building in Tsinghua University)

4.  Excellent Prize for  the 2007 International Solar Building Design Competition

5. Excellent Price for the Second International Competition for Residential  Design, Architectural Society of China, 2005

6. Third Prize for the Celebration of Cities International Consultation  (China, Architect group), 2004

7.  Excellent Doctor Degree’s Thesis of Tsinghua University, 2002


Journal papers

1.    ZhouZhengnan  QuLei ZouTao, (2012/04), Study on Ecological Planning Approaches based  on Sustainable Integrated Water Management in Coastal Cities, Eco City  and Green Architecture

2.    ZhouZhengnan  ZouTao, (2012/10), Analysis of Environmental Control Factors in  Sustainable Residential Area Planning, Housing Industry

3.    ZhouZhengnan  LiuXiaobiao, (2011/01), A Study on Energy Efficiency Calculation of  Passive Design of Heating Buildings, Eco City and Green Architecture

4.    ThorstenSchuetze  ZhouZhengnan, (2011/03), Passive Houses in East Asia - Transferability  of European Experences to Korea and China, Word Architecture

5.    ZhouZhengnan  LiuXiaolin,(2010/07), Study on the application of passive solar heating  technologies to the design practices of residential buildings, Huazhong  Architecture.

6.    ZhouZhengnan,(2009/12),  Sustainable Renovation of Dutch Social Housing: A Case Study of  Roosendaal Passive Houses Project, House Technology

7.    ZhouZhengnan,  (2009/05), The Introduction and Thinking of Passive House in Europe,  Architecture Journal

8.    ZouTao  HuangYirui ZhouZhengnan LiDexiang,(2009/02), Eco-city Construction and  Assessment of Comprehensive Eco Value of the Urban Forest,  Architecture  Journal

9.    RanLei  ZhouZhengnan,(2008/09), Application of Ecology Strategy in Residence  Planning and Design——A Case Study of the Reconstruction and Residence  Planning of Fengzhuang Village,Baoding, Planners

10.   ZhouZhengnan LiuCong XiaWei,(2007/08), Study on the  Design of Eco-Villa District in Kunming,  Huazhong Architecture

11.   LiDexiang ZhouZhengnan,(2005/09),  Explication of Tsinghua University Low Energy Building, Architectural  Journal

12.   LiangQiao ZhouZhengnan,(2005/05), Conceptual  Design for the Preservation and Renovation of Ciqikou Historic Districts,  New Architecture

13.   ZhouZhengnan Wangjing XiaWei,(2005/04), The  Eco Strategies in Residential Area Planning——A Case Study of Beigang  Residential Area Planning, Changzhou, Housing Area

14.   ZhouZhengnan XueZhifeng Jiangyi,(2004/03), Design Concept  of the Super Energy-saving Building in Tsinghua University,  Architecture Journal

15.   ZhouZhengnan,(2002/12), Solar-Technologies in German  Architecture, World Architecture

16.   ZhouZhengnan,(2001/01), The Media Charactemistics of  Architecture——Thinking  about Architecture Basing on Communication, Huazhong Architecture

17.  ZhouZhengnan,(2000/09),  The Thinking about Media Methods of Architecture, Architecture Journal

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