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history of  world expositions

large-scale  exhibition halls

museum  planning and design

university  campus planning and design

Japanese  modern architecture



Master in  Architecture, School of Architecture, Tsinghua University, 1986

Bachelor in  Architecture, School of Architecture, Tsinghua University, 1983



Lecturer,  School of Architecture, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, (1987-1993)

Associate  Professor, School of Architecture, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China,  (1994-2004)

Professor,  School of Architecture, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China,  (2004-Present)

Visiting  Scholar, Kyoto University, Japan, (1994-1995)

Assistant  Professor, Niigata University, Japan, (2000)



Involvement in  National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) funded projects  include: “Research on Spatiality Optimization of Tiananmen Square”,  “Theory and Methodology of Architectural Planning”. Completed 985  research project “Planning and Architectural Design of Large-Scale  Expositions”

Completed  design and planning for more than 10 exhibition centres and museums  including: Planning of the Extension of China International Exhibition  Centre, Feasibility report for Chengdu High-tech District International  Convention Centre, competition entry for China Technological Exhibition  Hall, etc. Completed over 20 institutional projects including Civil  Aviation University of China, Northwest Normal University Masterplan,  Sichuan Conservatory of Music Masterplan, and Masterplan for Peking  University Science Park




Course  coordinator for 5th Year Comprehensive Thesis Design Studio

Course  coordinator for 4th Year Undergraduate Studio-Large-scale Civil  Architectural Design

2nd Year  Undergraduate Elective-”Formation of Architectural Form


Course  coordinator for Year 1 Graduate Design Studio

Have been  involved in recent years with the coordination of international graduate  design studios with overseas universities, as well as supervision of  over 80 winning student submissions in UIA and other national and  international design competitions



Tsinghua  Distinguished Young Teacher’s Award-2nd Prize

2002 Tsinghua  University Advanced Scholars’ Award

Numerous  national and provincial construction design awards, including:

Library & Main  Faculty Complex, Civil Aviation University of China, Phase 1

2001 City of  Tianjin Architectural Design Award

2001 Ministry  of Education Architectural Design Award-2nd Prize

2002 Ministry  of Construction Architectural Design Award-3rd Prize

2002 China  Interior Design Award

Faculty  Buildings, Civil Aviation University of China, Phase 2

2003 City of  Tianjin Architectural Design Award-3rd Prize

Library  Complex, Northwest Normal University

2002 Gansu  Province Architectural Design Award-1st Prize

2003 Ministry  of Education Architectural Design Award-2nd Prize



Social organization

Registered  Architect

Member of the  Architectural Society of China

Member of the  Chinese Society of Landscape Architecture



Journal papers

Published over  twenty academic articles in Architectural Journal and other core  periodicals, including:

1.  “150 Years of World  Expositions” .World Architecture No.125, November 2000

2.  The Role of Modern  Architecture in World Expositions” .Time Architecture No.72, April 2003

3. “Reflections on the  Development of China’s Convention Centres in a New Era” .Interior  Architecture of China, October 2003

4.  “Site Selection and  Facility Planning of German Large-Scale Convention Centres” .City  Planning Review No.188, September 2003

5. “Investigation of  Large-scale Convention Centres in Germany” .Architect Magazine No.109,  June 2004

6. “Investigation in the  Usage of Museum Subterranean Space” .World Architecture No.133, July  2001

7.  “Comparative Investigation  of Scale and Spatiality of Building Groups in New University Campuses”.  Architect Magazine No.107, February 2004

8.  “New Era-New  Beginnings-New Campus Image”. Architectural Journal No.414, February  2003

9.  “Current Situation of  Young Japanese Architects Born After 1960s” .World Architecture No.164,  February 2004

10. “Looking at Japanese  Architecture of the 1990s Through Three Phenomena”. Urbanism and  Architecture No.6, March 2005

11. “Awaji Yumebutai-Tadao  Ando’s Dream Stage”. World Architecture No.128, February 2001

12. “A Brief Look at Japanese  Lightweight Steel Housing”. Housing Magazine No.1, January 2001

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