Regional Architecture

Regeneration of Old Building and Built  Environment

First-Class Registered Architect of China

Chief-Architect of Wang Yi’s Studio


Assistant Dean

Director of International Office

Tsinghua School of Architecture


PhD, University of Cambridge, UK

B.Arch., M.Arch., Tsinghua University, China

SPURS Fellow, MIT, USA, 2000-2001

Visiting Professor, Rome University, Italy, 1998


Excellent Design Award (the 3rd  Prize), State Ministry of Education, 2013

Grand Architectural Creation Award for  the 60th Anniversary of China, Architectural Society of  China, 2009

Excellent Design Award (the 3rd  Prize), State Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, 2004

Excellent Design Award (the 2nd  Prize), State Ministry of Education, 2003

Fellowship Award of Chinese Young  Architects, Asian Cultural Council (USA), 2000

Excellent Design Award (the 3rd  Prize), Capital Urban Planning Committee, 2000

The Best-Ten Design Award, Capital  Urban Planning Committee, 1999

Excellent Design Award, in the  National Appraise of Architectural Works by Young and Middle-aged  Architects, Architect  Magazine, 1994

First Prize, in the National Design  Competition of Chinese Art Palace, Architectural Society of China, 1991


A Century of Change: Beijing’s  Urban Structure in 20th Century  (in English), Pace Publishing Limited, Hong Kong, 2013

Local Creations: Selected Works of  Wang Yi (in both  Chinese and English), China Architecture & Building Press, Beijing, 2013


From Passive to Active Regional  Architecture, Architecture Journal, vol. 5, 2013

Thinking and Practicing in  Architectural Design Education in an Age of Transition: also on the  Basic Design Courses in Tsinghua University, World Architecture,  Vol. 3, 2013

A Primary Study on the Architectural  Education of International Architectural Schools: on the Cases of  Cambridge, Harvard, MIT and Rome University, World Architecture,  Vol. 1, 2012

Strategies for Improving the Housing  Security System in China, China City Planning Review, Vol. 3,  2010 (in English)

City as Artificial Nature, World  Architecture, Vol. 9, 2010

Ecological Urbanism, World  Architecture, Vol. 1, 2010

A Test in a New Form of Community,  World Architecture, Vol. 1, 2010

Analysis on Beijing’s Housing  Affordability and the Limitations of its Affordable Housing Scheme,  China City Planning Review, Vol. 1, 2009 (in English)

The Variation of Chinese Urban Housing  in the Past Two Decades, Architecture Journal, vol. 4, 2008;  Preface for Urban Housing of Mainland and Taiwan, Architectural  Report Magazine Company, Taiwan, 2007

A Design with Regional  Characteristics, Architecture Journal, vol. 6, 2004

College Architecture in Cambridge  University, World Architecture, Vol. 10, 2003

Planning and Design of Indian Modern  Campuses, Architecture Journal, vol. 6, 2002

Between White and Black,  Architecture Journal, vol. 10, 2000


Planning of Qinlong Mountain Eco-Park,  Yixing, 2012

Beijing Eastern Bote Hotel (5-star),  2011- (under construction)

Planning of Daxiao Mazhan Historic  District, Guanzhou, 2011

Conceptual Design of Urban Planning  Exhibition Hall of Mentougou District, Beijing, 2011

Huanglong Seercuo International Hotel  (5-star), Sichuan, 2004-2011(built)

Conceptual Design of Hulunbuir  Minorities Culture Park, 2010

Urban Design of the Starting Area of  Caofeidian Eco-city, 2009

Hengdan Primary School, Wen County,  Gansu (relief project for Wenchuan earthquake), 2009 (built)

Planning and Design of Yaobu Historic  Town, Liuzhou, 2009

Planning and Design of China College  of Discipline Inspection and Supervision, Beijing, 2008

Yuquanwan Club House, Huangshan, 2007  (built)

Jiuzhaiguo Sheraton International  Hotel (5-star), Sichuan, 2002 (built)

Yifu Movie and Television Art Centre  of Beijing Film Academy, 2000 (built)


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Tel: 86-10-62784519

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