WANG Qingchun

Researching  and teaching area

Theory and  practice in the art of architecture

Art of  common sculpture

Design of  mural and decoration


Study in  the art college in Tsinghua University from 1998.09 to 2002.07

Study in  CAFA from 2007.09 to 2009.07

The lecturer of the college of architecture in Tsinghua University from  2010.03 to now.

The art director of beijingqingmeishijiyangguang plastic art LTD from  2005 to 2010

The director of the studio of sculpture technology centre in  beijinggongmei company from 2002.07 to 2005.08

Searching project

1. Designing  and manufacturing the sculpture of liangsicheng in Nara, Japan .(2010)

2. Designing  and manufacturing the main sculpture of the headquarters of the General  staff in China (2008) 

3. Designing  and manufacturing the sculpture in xibaipo named chairman Mao step off  xibaipo.(2010)

4. Designing and manufacturing the sculpture in the east of heixiazi island  in heilongjiang province(2012.5 to now)

5 Designing and manufacturing the main sculpture in the  Xilamulun Square, Tongliao City

6. Designing  and manufacturing the main sculpture in district of Tianjin Airport  Logistics.(2007)

7. Designing and manufacturing the main sculpture of Zhejiang University of  Traditional Chinese Medicine(2005)

8. Designing  and manufacturing the Chaoyang Department of Education murals  relief(2006)

9. Designing and manufacturing the relief in the library of Zhuhai Campus  of Beijing Normal University(2006)

10Designing and manufacturing the sculpture in  shangdongguoji in dongguan.(2010.8 done)

11Designing and manufacturing the sculpture in xiamen  province of the enterprise culture of cigarette factory.(2012.7 done)

12Designing and manufacturing the mural in longyan of  the enterprise culture of cigarette factory.(2011.12 done)

Courese  taught


Architectural of Fine Arts (spring semester,30 students)

Architectural of Fine Arts (fall semester,30 students)

Architectural art practice course (30 students)

Public  Sculpture (fall semester, 15 students)

Construction experience practicum (the summer semester, 30 students)

Honor and  award

     Dream(sculpture) won the Excellence Award in the 2008 Olympic Landscape  Sculpture Exhibition

Professional organizations and activities


Journals papers

1.The  Sculpture Of Liang Sicheng,Guangming Daily, June 8,2012

2.Architecture And Sculpture, The 11th Colleges Of Architecture And  Environmental Art Design Art Teaching

Symposium, China building Industry press,2011.09

3.Harvest And sails and Qinyun(sculpture), Eleventh of the colleges of  Architecture and Environmental Art Design Art Teaching

Seminar Teacher Portfolio,China Building Industry Press,2011.09

4.Waiting and Qinyun(Sculpture),  2012 National College of  Architecture and Environmental Design professional teachers Fine Art  Portfolio,2012

5.Something About Architectural Fine Art, 2012 National College  of Architecture and Environmental Design professional teachers Fine Arts  Research Papers,2012

6.The  Construction Experience Internship Lesson In The School Of Arechitecture  In Tsinghua University, The first issue of the magazine Architectural  Beauty


Selected conference proceedings about art works

1. The Sculpture Of Liang Sicheng    Designed and manufactured in Nara,  Japan

   Participating in Tokyo, Japan, "Master of the Road" exhibition

Participating in the Liang Sicheng statue unveiling exhibition "Masters  of the Road" in the National Museum of China

Yangzhou City Favorite Sculpture

Yibin  City Favorite Sculpture

The  Datong Favorite legislation Sculpture

2. Brideshead Revisited  Love(sculpture),   Selected  for the Fourth the Chinese Beijing International Art Biennale,

Included in the 2010 Fourth Beijing International Art Biennale Portfolio

3. Dream - Hometown  Love(sculpture)

Selected for the 11th National Art Exhibition

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