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1.      Art in Chinese  Traditional Architecture.

2.      Tectonic  Culture.


School of  Architecture, Tsinghua University,  1992

Doctor of  Philosophy in Architecture

School of  Architecture, Tsinghua University,  1987

Master of  Architecture

Department  of Architecture, Tongji  University,  1982

Bachelor of  Engineer  

Department  of Architecture, The University  of Hong Kong 1997

Visiting  Scholar

Graduate School of Design, Harvard University,  2006

Visiting  Scholar



School of  Architecture, Tsinghua University, 1992- Present

Lecturer,  Associate Professor, Full Professor 

Department of  Architecture, Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture,  1982-1984

Assistant  professor, Lecturer

Major Research Projects

Landscape Designs :

1. Beiyuan  Garden and Aspen Plaza of Tsinghua University (Built)

2. Southern  Garden of Gongzi Hall of Tsinghua University (Built)

3. Ancient  Shuimu Garden of Gongzi Hall of Tsinghua University (Built)

4. Centenary  Memorial Landscape of Yangzhou High School (Built)

5. Lin Huiyin  Memorial ((Built, Awarded the National Prize of Sculptures in Urban  Spaces in 2008)

6. Plaza of  Department of Hydraulic Engineering Hall of Tsinghua University (Built)

   Architectural Designs:

1. The New  Campus Buildings of the Primary School Affiliated to Tsinghua  University. (Built,  Award Six Mzajor National Prizes)

2. Tea Houses  on Fragrance Hill (Built)

3. Commercial  Buildings Surrounding Four Subway Stations for Line 5 in Historic Areas  of Beijing (Built)

4. Student  Dormitory Buildings No 6, 7 and 8 of Tsinghua University (Under  Construction)

  Urban  Designs

1. The  Surroundings of the Baiyun Taoist Temple in Beijing

2. Urban Design  and Landscape Design of the Surroundings of the Summer Palace

3.  Dongdan-Dongsi Avenue and Surroundings (an Area of Ancient Hutong and       Courtyard Dwellings in Central Beijing,)

4. Urban Design  for Avenue of Confucian Temple and the Imperial College in Beijing


Courses Taught

1. Undergraduate

Architectural  Design (Second  year, 10 students)

Architectural  Detailing

 2. Graduate

       Selected  Topics on Architecture


1.  Award for  Teaching Excellence of Tsinghua University  2003

2.  Award of  Excellence in Chinese Architectural Art (Number 1 of the 2 first prizes)  2003

3.   Architectural Design Prize Awarded by the Ministry of Construction  (first prize) 2003

4. Winner of  RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) Competition: Diverse  City-----Beijing (Number 1 of the 2 winners in China) 2004

5.  Gold Medal  of National Excellence in Civil Engineering Design (Number 1 of the 4  Gold Medals awarded to Architectural Designs in 2004) 

6.  Excellent  Creation Awarded by Chinese Architects Association 2006

7.  Excellence  of the National Prize of Sculptures in Urban Spaces 2008

8.  Awarded  twice the honor “Teacher& Friend” by graduated students in  Tsinghua University

Awards Won by Students under Wang  Lifang’s Supervision:

1. Bronze Medal  of Owens Corning Global Design Challenge Competition, 1998

2. First prize  of Sino-British Student Design Competition, 1998

3. Kundtadt  Foundation Prize of UIA International Student Design Competition, 1999 

4. First Prize  of National Student Competition of Youth Center Design, 2002.

5. Excellent  Thesis for Master Degree, by Tsinghua University, 2003




Social organization


Selected Journal Articles

1. Theory of  Landscape Painting and Traditional Landscape Architecture, Chinese  Landscape Architecture, 1988/02

2. Humanistic  Factor in Traditional Scenery Places, Chinese Landscape Architecture,  1988/03

3. Basic  Relations Between Architecture and landscape in Scenery Places, Chinese  Landscape Architecture, 1990/02

4. Surrounding·Landscape·Time---The  Art of Stone Laying of Ge Garden in Yangzhou, TaiwanChinese  Architect , 1991/06   

5. Three Styles  of Waterscape Design, World Architecture, 1994/02

6. Preeminence  above Fashion---Mexican Architect Luis Barragan, World Architecture  2000/03

7. Home of Emotion,  Community Design, 2001/01

8. Beiyuan  Garden of Tsinghua University, Chinese Landscape Architecture 2001/2

9. On Western  Architectural History of 19th Century, World Architecture 2002/11 

10. Floral  Revolution---From Arts and Crafts Movement to the Birth of Modern  Architecture, Symposium of Architectural History No 14

11. Rich and  Brisk, Vagarious and Elegant---The New Campus Buildings of the Primary  School Affiliated to Tsinghua University. Architectural Journal 2003/02

12. Our Houses  and Our Lives, Time + Architecture, 2006/03

13. IngenuityLandscape  Design of La-Lu Island of Sun Moon Lake, World Architecture 2008/05

14.  Multi-Vanishing Point PerspectiveInterview  by Chinese Architectural Education, Chinese Architectural  Education  ,2008/01


Skylight  Design—Technique and Art, China Architecture & Building Press, Beijing,  2008

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