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Architectural and Urban Aesthetics

Architectural and Urban Design: Theory and Practice

Undergraduate level: Architecture Design Studio/ Architecture Design  Theory

Graduate level: Architecture and Urban Design Studio/ Architecture and  Urban Design Theory



Associate professor, School of Architecture, Tsinghua University, 2012-

Post-graduate research fellow, lecturer, School of Architecture,  Tsinghua University, 2008-2012



Ph.D.  in Engineering, School of Architecture, Tsinghua University, 2008

Master of Architecture, School of Architecture, Tsinghua University,  2004

Bachelor of Architecture, School of Architecture, Tsinghua University,  2001



Architectural Design Studio


Architecture and Urban Design Studio

International Cooperation (in recent four years)



1.   Beijing 2049: A Strategic Research on the Mega-city Region of City  Beijing towards Year 2049, 2008-

2.   City  Planning, Construction and Government, Key research project of  multi-disciplinary study, funded by Beijing Municipal Education  Committee, 2008-2012

3.   Research on the Scientific Values of the Innovation and Creation of  Ancient Human Settlements as Cultural Heritage (Research Project of  China Cultural Heritage Bureau). 2008-2012

4.    Research on the long-term influence of the Olympic Game to the  development of City Beijing, 2008

5.    Study  on Contemporary Beijing Administration Space, 2005-2009

6. Architecture and Landscape Design, Campus of Guangdong University of  Technology and the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, 2003-2007

7.    Preservation, Urban Revitalization Study and Urban Design of Da Shi La  Historical Area, Beijing, 2004-2006

8.   Preservation and Urban Re-generation Study, and Urban Design of  Zhongshanlu Historical District, Qingdao City, Shandong, 2003-2005



1.  First  Prize of Tsinghua University Teaching Competition, 2012

2. One  of Ten Nominees for Emerging Academic Stars of Tsinghua University, 2008

3. Excellent Teacher of National Architectural Education, 2006




Symposium of “VERTICAL CITY ASIA”, Singapore, 2012

Symposium of “VERTICAL CITY ASIA”, Singapore, 2011

Symposium of “REUSING THE INDUSTRIAL PAST”, Finland, 2010


Social organization

Secretary of Architectural Accreditation Committee in the Architectural  Society of China



Authored Books

1.   Wang  Hui. Form and Meaning of Architectural Aesthetics. China  Architecture and Building Press, 2012.

2.    Wang  Hui. Administration Spaces in Beijing, Tsinghua University Press,  2011.

3.    Zhu  Wenyi, Wang Lu, Shan Jun, Zhang Yue, Wang Hui, et al. Soft New York:  10th Venice Biennale, International Student Workshop, School of  Architecture, Tsinghua University, Tsinghua University Press, 2007.


Journal papers

1.    Thinking And Practicing In Architectural Design Education In An Age Of  Transition: Also On The Basic Design Courses In Tsinghua University . World Architecture, 2013 (3): 125-127.

2.    Heart  And Object of Aesthetic Feeling: The Binary Category of Chinese  Traditional Architectural Aesthetics (1) . World Architecture,  2012 (7): 110-113.

3.   Concision And Abundance of Aesthetic Meaning: The Binary Category of  Chinese Traditional Architectural Aesthetics (2). World Architecture,  2012 (8): 114-117.

4.   Research on Spatial Influence by the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. Beijing Planning Review, 2012 (5): 19-23.

5.    A  Primary Study on the Architectural Education of International  Architectural Schools: On the Cases of Cambridge, Harvard, MIT and Rome  University. World Architecture, 2012 (2): 114-117.

6.     Studio Teaching Reports on Urban Fixing (13): International Student  Competition of Vertical Cities Asia About "Fresh Air" in Chengdu Wanan  and the Tsinghua Solutions. World Architecture, 2012 (4):  124-129.

7.      Studio Teaching Reports on Urban Fixing (16): International Student  Competition Of Vertical Cities Asia About "Everyone Ages" in Yongshan of  Seoul and the Tsinghua Schemes. World Architecture, 2012 (10): 116-119.

8.     Studio Teaching Reports on Urban Fixing (12): Urban Fixing Design in  Beijing. World Architecture, 2012 (3): 124-129.

9.      Study  on “Shape” and “Pattern” of Western Classical Aesthetics of  Architecture: Form and Meaning of Western Aesthetics of Architecture  (1). World Architecture, 2011 (9): 100-103.

10.    The  Spirit of “Modernity” in Western Modern Aesthetics of Architecture: Form  and Meaning of Western Aesthetics of Architecture (2). World  Architecture, 2011 (10): 118-122.

11.    Development on Western Contemporary Aesthetics of Architecture: Form and  Meaning of Western Aesthetics of Architecture (3). World Architecture,  2011(11): 110-113.

12. Talking from Mr. Liang Ssu-Ch'eng’s “Vocabulary, Grammar” Thought:  Architecture and Urban Linguistics in the Chinese Context. Architectural Journal, 2011 (1): 174-177.

13.    Investigation and Research of Space Situation and Development Model of  Central Urban Area in Beijing. Vertical City Asia 2011. 2011 (7).

14.     Studio Teaching Reports on Urban Fixing (3): Transformation Design of  National Centre For the Performing Arts, World Architecture, 2011  (6): 120-124.

15.     Studio Teaching Reports on Urban Fixing (4): Transformation Design of  the New CCTV Site, World Architecture, 2011 (6): 122-125.

16.  The  Comparison of Chinese and Western Architectural Aesthetics on Dual  Perspective: Dialectics of Architectural Aesthetics (2). World  Architecture, 2010 (11): 130-133

17.   The  Study on Architectural Aesthetics under the Concept of Human  Settlements: Dialectics of Architectural Aesthetics (2). World  Architecture, 2010 (10): 120-123.

18.    The  Industrial Heritages and Tampere City, Architectural Journal,  2010 (12): 21-24.

19.    Sixty  Years Of China ArchitectureArchitectural  Journal,  2009 (10).

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21.   Liaison Offices in Beijing and Contemporary Urban Space in Beijing, Beijing Planning Review, 2007 (7).

22.    Community Offices in Contemporary Beijing, Beijing Planning Review,  2007 (9).

23.    Official Community Offices and Contemporary Beijing, Beijing Planning  Review, 2007 (11).

24.    Governmental Administration Building in Beijing, Architectural  Creation, 2007 (10).

25.    Research on the Governmental Administrative Service Centers in Beijing  Eight Main Districts, Architectural Creation, 2007 (12).

26.    Police Stations and Contemporary Beijing City, Beijing Planning  Review, 2008 (1).

27.    Contemporary Beijing Municipal Administrative Space, Beijing Planning  Review, 2008 (2).

28.    Report on Contemporary Beijing Administrative Space, Beijing Planning  Review, 2008 (3).

29.    Beijing District-Level Administration Building, Architectural  Creation, 2008 (5).

30.   Evolvement of the Western City’s Administration Space, World  Architecture, 2006 (6).

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