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Theories and methods of eco-planning,  green architecture design and urban eco-restoration.



    School of Architecture, Zhejiang University, China, 1984.09-1989.07

Bachelor of Architecture

   School of Architecture, Tsinghua University, China, 1991.09-1994.07

Master of Architecture

    School of Architecture, Tsinghua University, China, 2000.09-2008.12

Doctor of Philosophy in Architecture



School of Architecture, Tsinghua  University, Beijing, China

Teaching assistant (1994.07-1995.07)

Lecturer (1995.08-2008.12)

Associate professor (2008.12- present)

Social Organization

Specialist of Professional Committee for Eco-planning in  China, 2007- present

Specialist of Eco-city Research Committee in China, 2007-  present

Head specialist in Eco-planning, China-EU environment  management co-operation programme (EMCP/LMD)

Specialist of Green Building Committee in China,  2005-2007

Specialist of Human Settlement Committee in  China,2004-present



Research Projects

[1] The  2nd assignment of “The research and demonstration of eco-restoration in  urban eco-planning” — “The research and demonstration of key  technologies and methods of eco-planning in urban construction”,  national science & technology pillar program during the eleventh  five-year plan period of MOFCOM, MOST, 20072011

[2] The 1st  assignment of “The research of technologies in the improvements of urban  building environment” — “Technologies of the evaluation and improvement  of the influence of the building environment, national science &  technology pillar program during the eleventh five-year plan period of  MOFCOM, MOST, 2007-2010

[3] Legalization construction and the way of Eco-planning in  China,2007-2008

[4]Eco-planning of Huairou District, experimental zone of national  sustainable development;

China-EU  environment management co-operation programme,2003-2004

[5]  Eco-reconstruction of eco-residential architecture in national  sustainable experimental zone, 2004.12-2005.12

[6]  Research and demonstration of Eco-village in Beijing, 2005

[7]  Eco-technology and method consulting of Beijing Olympic park planning,  2004

[8]  Eco-interior design and green roof technology research, 2004


Planning projects



[1]      Eco-planning of Zhongguancun Science Park, Beijing,2001-2003

[2]      Implement  of the eco-planning of Huairou District within the Master planning and  urban design, 2005

[3]      Implement  of the eco-planning of Cuihu National wetland park in Zhongguancun  Science park, Beijing, 2004

[4]      Ecological  regional concept planning of Jingyue District , Changchun, 2007.1

[5]      Eco-planning & strategic development research of the coastal area of  Caofeidian, Tangshan, 2007.4

[6]      Eco-planning, master planning & urban design of Chongli, Hebei Province,  2007.8-2008.10

[7]      Eco-planning of Shunyi District, Beijing, 2005

[8]      Eco-planning of Shiguai, Neimengu Province, 2008

[9]      Ecosystem-planning of Changchun-Jilin Region, Jilin Province, 2010-2011

[10]  Eco-planning & regulatory plan of Fuping, Shanxi Province, 2011-2012



[1]  Research and implement of eco-landscape agricultural technology park,

Jinan,  2008

[2]  Restoration and urban design of urban wetland of Dongshahe, Changping  District, Beijing

[3]  Restoration of urban eco-system and broken cliffs, Jinan, Shandong  Province, 2008

[4]  Restoration planning of municipal waste area & eco-office builing design  of Nanhaizi Country Park , Beijing, 2009-2011


Green Building


[1]  Ecological office District design,beijing 2003

[2] Ecological demonstration building of The 7th  China(Jinan) International Garden of Flower Expo. 2008-2009

[3] Demonstration of rural green local-style dwelling  house design, Beijing, 2005



Teaching Courses


Theory and method of ecological  architecture, Grade 3, 2011-present

Architectural Design , Grade 1-Grade 3, 1994-present

Green Building Design, Grade 3, 2003-present

Eco-design studio, Grade 3, eco-building design  2003-2004, eco-village design 2005-2006,landscape architecture design  for ecological restoration 2008-2009, activate the negative space 2010,  ecological reconstruction for urban critical space 2010-present


China-UK Toint Studio Brief, Beijing  Sanhaizi Wetland Eco-park: Landfill Site and (13 students in Autumn),  2009-2010Eco-reconstruction


Eco-planning and green architecture,  excellent thesis in the 1st international green architecture technology  conference, excellent thesis of Ministry of construction, 2005.3


Exploration of the establishment of  green architecture system,  excellent thesis in the 2nd international green architecture  technology conference, excellent thesis of Ministry of construction,  2006.3


Ecological settlement &Greenvillage, excellent thesis in the 3rd international green  architecture technology conference, excellent thesis of Ministry of  construction, 2006.3


Excellent teaching award, Tsinghua  University, 1995

Excellent teaching award, Tsinghua  University, 1997.1

Excellent teaching award, Tsinghua  University, 1997.12

1996-1997 excellent teaching award,  Tsinghua University, 1998.9

2002-2003 Linfeng teaching award,  Tsinghua University, 2003


2005 Contribution award of Human  Settlement in China, 2005.12

Special contribution expert of  Mentougou District, Beijing, 2004-2005


Journal papers

Rao Rong, Outdoor Environment of Urban Residence, World  Architecture, 2000/9, 59 (10)

Rao Rong, City and Architecture in One, World  Architecture, Architecture Journal, 2000/9

Rao Rong, Toward the Eco-city, Green Residence Area in  Northern Europe, World Architecture, 2004/9

Rao Rong, Eco-city Planning in Northern Europe, Planner,  2004/12, p105.

Rao Rong, Green Corridor. Architectural Annual Report,  2003


Rao Rong, Green Architecture and Eco-Planning. Excellent  Journal award 2005/3

Huien Zhao, Rao Rong, The Scientific Establishment of  Green Volume Index System. Excellent Journal award 2005/3

Rao Rong, Exploration of the Establishment of Green  Architecture System. Excellent Journal award 2006/3

Rao Rong, Eco-village Community and Green residence.  Excellent Journal award       2007/3.

Rao Rong, Eco-city and Eco-planning. Construction  Technology, 2004/12, p105.

Rao Rong, The Scientific Planning of Development of Green  Architecture. Construction Technology, 2006/07,  p35.

Rao Rong, The planning of Eco-village Community.  Construction Technology, 2007/07,p34.

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Rao Rong, Guiding Thinking of Green building in China.  Construction Technology,2008/06

Rao Rong, Eco-planning Approach Based on Urban Planning.  Journal of Urban and Regional Planning, Vol.2, No.1, Series No. 4, 2009,  p11-33

Rao Rong, Research on Urban Ecological Planning  Application in Ecological Restoration Design: a Case Study on Nanhaizi  suburban Park in Beijing. City Planning Review, 2011/09, p16-20

Rao Rong, Planning ang Design of Dongshahe River  Eco-wetland in Beijing. Landscape Architecture, 2011/2, p52-57



Rao Rong, Li Dexiang and Dong Xiang.  Research on and Constitution of the Eco-planning of Zhongguancun Science  Park. China Business Press, 2003.

Rao Rong, Green Building for 1st Class  Registered Architect in China, China Plan Press, 2008.

HuienZhao, Rao Rong, Dong Xiang.  Application of Technologies of Roof Regreening to Energy Savings of  Buildings: Green Roofs of Eco-building. China Architecture & Building  Press, 2009

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