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Architecture Design  and Theory

Architecture and  Urbanism


BA, MArch, Ph D,

School of  Architecture, Tsinghua University, 1998


Professor (Tenureship),  Tsinghua University ,China,2016-

Lecturer, Associate  Professor, ProfessorSchool  of Architecture, Tsinghua University, China,1998-

Visiting Academic ,  School of Architecture, Sheffield University, UK,2005

Registered Architect  ,China,2004-

Deputy Secretary  General, Institute of Chinese Architects.ASC,2014-


[1] Carbon Emission  Calculation Algorithm and Assessment Index in Urban Residential  Communities in China. NSFC research project 51178238. 2012-2015

[2] China National  Key Research Project, Green building and Industry, Performance  Oriented Green Building Design Method and Tools (2016YFC0700200)2016-2020


[1] National  Exhibition and Convention CenterShanghai ,China, Designer  and Project Responsible Architect, 2011-2015

[2] Urban Design of  Beijing Rail Transit Line 9 Huaxiang Station, Architect, 2nd  Prize International Competition, 2007

[3] Library of  Yangzhou Middle School, Jiangsu, Architect, China, 2001



Architecture Design  Year 1

Architecture Design  Year 3

Architecture Design  Year 4

Building Thermal  Environment, Lecturer


Tsinghua  University-Tokyo University Architecture Design Joint Studio2012

Tsinghua  University-Princeton University Architecture Design Joint Studio2012

Final Design Studio,  EPMA(English Program Master of Architecture 2009-2010


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[2] N. Liu; D. Mo;  J. Zhang; S. Zhao; M Wang. Evaluation of Occupant Behavior in  Summer Air Condition Use and Household Energy Consumption,  School of Architecture, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China.  PLEA 2016Los Angeles,2016

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[1] Silver Prize of  Architecture Design, Architecture Society of Chinese,2016

[2] Chinese Youth  Architect Prize, China Architecture Culture Research Council,  etc. , 2009

[3] Textbook Prize  Tsinghua University, Building Thermal Environment, N.Liu and Y.  Qin,2008

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