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Architecture and Modernity

Characteristic Urban Space

Design Methodology



Doctor of Philosophy in  Engineering, Master of Architecture, School of Architecture, Tsinghua  University, 01/2007

Bachelor of Architecture,  School of Architecture, Tsinghua University, 07/2001



Academic Visitor, The  Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London,  10/2012-09/2013

Post-doctor/Assistant-researcher, School of Architecture, Tsinghua  University, 01/2007-12/2008

Lecturer, School of  Architecture, Tsinghua University, 12/2008-present


1. Undergraduate

Studio for Architectural  Design (Approximate 10 students each term, spring and autumn)

Contemporary Architectural  Theory (Approximate 60 students, spring)

2. Graduate

Studio for Urban Design  (Approximate 10 students)



1. Comparative Study of Characteristic Urban  Space in London and Beijing, 2012-present

2. Modern Architecture in London, 2012-present

3. Urban Master-Design of TBNA, 2007-2010  (Presided by Zhu Wenyi)

4. A Research on Strategy on Spatial  Development of TBNA, 2007-2010 (Presided by Zhu Wenyi)



1. Instructing Students in Design Competition:  KANG Sidi (Undergraduate Sophomore), NPYDA Nippon Paint Young Designer  Award (China Division, Architectural Design Group), 2012, Gold Award

2. Instructing Students in Design Competition  (Co-instructing with ZHU Wenyi): HUANG Kady and et al., mAAN 2011  International Student Competition: “Urban Palimpsest - Revisiting our  modern heritage “, 2011, 2nd Prize

3. Instructing Students in Design Competition  (Co-instructing with ZHU Wenyi and Cos Pilar): MENG Ning et al.  (Undergraduate 3rd Grade), National Architectural Design Competition for  Students, 2010, Honorable Award

4. Instructing Students in Design Competition  (Award Outstanding Instructor): ZHU Lin et al. (Undergraduate  Sophomore), 28thTsinghua University Extracurricular Academic Competition  for Students, 2010, 2nd Prize

5. Instructing Students in Design Competition:  DONG Chao and ZHANG Liheng (Undergraduate Sophomore), Post-earthquake  Reconstruction Design Competition for Wenchuan, 2008, Honorable Award

6. One of Ten Nominates for Academic Award for  Graduate Students in Tsinghua University, 2006




Special Editor and Reporter,  Architect (Academic Journal), 2006-2007



1. FAN Lu (Translator). Adolf Loos. Spoken into  the Void, Collected Essays, 1897-1900 [M]. Beijing: China Architecture &  Building Press (Coming Soon)

2. FAN Lu (Translator). Peter Eisenman. Ten  Canonical Buildings: 1950-2000 [M]. Beijing: Commercial Press (Coming  Soon)

3. FAN Lu. In Memory of the Magic Year: A  Manifesto, a Book and an Exhibition of Modern Architecture [M]. Beijing:  Tsinghua University Press, 2009

4. ZHU Wenyi, ZHANG Hong, FAN Lu. Reflection of  the Bund: Conceptual Urban Design of the Bund in Shanghai. Beijing:  Tsinghua University Press, 2009




1. Adolf Loos, FAN Lu. From “Building  Materials” to “The Principle of Cladding” -Translation of two essays in  Adolf Loos’ Spoken into the Void [J]. Architect, 2011(6)

2. ZHU Wenyi, FAN Lu, SHANG Qian. Daku Naval  Dockyard, Tianjin: Studio Teaching Reports on Urban Fixing (I) [J].  World Architecture, 2011(4)

3. ZHU Wenyi, FAN Lu, Cos Pilar. Haihe Center,  Tianjin: Studio Teaching Reports on Urban Fixing (II) [J]. World  Architecture, 2011(5)

4. FAN Lu. Is Ornament a Crime? : Adolf Loos’s  Ornamental Theory under his Cultural Critism [J]. Architectural History,  No.23 Volume, 2008

5. FAN Lu. Dreams may Come: The  Weissenhofsiedlung 1927[J]. Architect, No.127,2007(6)

6. FAN Lu. From Steel Mega-Structure to  “Space-time”: A Study on Sigfried Giedion’s Architectural Theory [J].  World Architecture, 2007(5)

7. FAN Lu. The Avant-garde “without  Avant-garde”: A Study on Adolf Loos and his Notion of Modernity [J].  Architect, No.119 & No.120, 2006(2)&(4)

8. FAN Lu. Alienation of Nature: Modern  Building Materials Manufacturing and Modern Architecture [J]. Journal of  Southeast University (Natural Science Edition), Volume 35,Sup(I), 2005




1. FAN  Lu. The Intermissive Architectural Design Strategy: An Exploration of  Design Method in Background of Juxtaposition of Globalization and  Localization. The Academic Forum for Post-doctors in China, Beijing,  2007


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