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Research  and Teaching

Novel  Energy Conversion Devices and their Thermal Fundamental TheoryAbsorption  heat pump, Evaporative cooling technology, Vacuum heat and mass  transfer;

Undergraduates Professional Course /City Energy System.

Undergraduates Professional Course/Heating Engineering andBoilers.

Undergraduates Professional Course/Producing Practice


1999.09-2003.07,Department  of Building Science and Technology, Architecture School, Tsinghua  University, Bachelor.

2003.09-2009.01, Profession of Heating, Supplying Gas, Ventilation and Air conditioning,  Architecture School, Tsinghua University, Doctor.


2009.06-2011.07,Profession of Heating, Supplying Gas, Ventilation and  Air conditioning, Architecture School, Tsinghua University, Post Doctor.

2011.08 to  now,Department of Building Science and Technology, Architecture School,  Tsinghua University, Assistant Professor.


[1]Undergraduates  Professional Course :City Energy System

 Senior grade,2 Score,32 class hours,Spring course,30  Students,cooperated with Professor Jiang Yi. From 2011 to now.、

[2]Undergraduates Professional Course: Heating Engineering and Boilers.

Senior grade, 4 Score,  64 class hours, Spring course, 30 Students, Responsible for Boiler Part.  From 2012 to now.

[3]Undergraduates  Professional Course: Producing Practice

Senior grade, 5 Score,  5 weeks, Summer course, 5 Students,From 2012 to now.


[1]  Indirect Evaporative Cooling Technology。From 2003 to now, set up  theoretical research frame of indirect evaporative cooling technology,  finish the development of series indirect evaporative chillers and  indirect evaporative chiller combined with air coolers, finish over  500,000 m2 applications in Xinjiang Province. Corresponding Projects:  International Cooperation Project of National Science Ministry. (Responsible  Person,2011.1~2012.12).Cooperation Project withcompany of Tsinghua  University. (Responsible Person: Jiang Yi, Xie Xiaoyun. From 2005.1 to  now).“The eleventh five Plan” of National Science Support Plan.(Main  Research Member, 2006.10~2010.10).

[2]Absorption heat  Pump。Research Group (Responsible Person, Jiang Yi, Xie Xiaoyun. Member:  Wang Sheng,Li Jingyuan, ZhengShuying, Zhu Chaoyi, Wu Jianfeng). From  2009 to now,Set up the first large-scale test bench for vacuum heat and  mass transfer and for components testing of absorption heat pumps of the  world. Carry out research of theoreticalmechanism, processes structure,  inside heat and mass transfer processes, new technics and new structures  of absorption heat pump. Corresponding Projects: Key Project of Beijing  Science Ministry(2011.9~2013.9). Funds of Doctoral Degree From Education  Ministry.(2011.1~2013.12)

[3] Thermal Principle  Research of heat and Moisture conversion and absorption heat pump  processes。Prompt parameters matching coefficient of evaporative cooling  process, construct better process structures of indirect evaporative  cooling technology, promptuniformentransy losses prinple to optimize  heat transfer net work. Attend projects: National Science  Foundation-surface project.(2008.1~2010.12).National Science  Foundation-Key project.(2012.1~2016.12).

Research  Awards

[1] China Patent  Excellence Award(the second person),2010.

[2] National Technology Innovation Award, Second Prize(the  third person),2009.

[3] Chinese Association  of Refrigeration Technology Innovation Award, Frist Prize. (the third  person),2009.

[4] Excellent Doctoral  Thesis ofTsinghua University, First Prize,2009.

[5] Application Benefit  Award of Research Achievements of Tsinghua University, Second Prize(the  second person),2008.

[6] National Technology  Innovation Award, Second Prize(the sixth person),2007.

Other  Awards

[1] 12.9 Excellent  instructor Award of Tsinghua University, 2005.

Invention  Patents

[1] Jiang  Yi,XieXiaoyun,YuXiangyang.  Akind of method of horizontal multi-stage indirect evaporative cooling  technology. China. ZL 200910211269.3. 2012.7.4

[2] Jiang  Yi,XieXiaoyun,YuXiangyang.A kind of air conditioning system based on  indirect evaporative cooling technology. China. ZL 200610114684.3.  2008.9.10.

[3] Jiang  Yi,XieXiaoyun,YuXiangyang. A kind of method and equipment of indirect  evaporative cooling technology to produce cold water and cooling air  together. China, ZL 200810103448.0. 2010.9.1

[4] Jiang  Yi, Xie Xiaoyun, Liu Shuanqiang, Liu Xiaohua, Liu Xin, Chen Xiaoyang. A  kind of thermal driven solution fresh air conditioning unit using return  air evaporative cooling for total heat transfer. China. ZL  200610012263.X. 2008.10.22.

[5] Jiang  Yi, Xie Xiaoyun, Liu Xiaohua, Liu Shuanqiang, Tang Yidan, Chen Xiaoyang.  A kind of thermal driven solution fresh air conditioning unit using  cooling water as cooling source. China, ZL 200610012262.5. 2008.9.10.

[6] Jiang  Yi, Xie Xiaoyun, Fu Lin, Zhang Shigang. A kind of novel unit structure  of absorption heat pump to realize large temperature difference.  201010191072.0, underreviewing.

[7] Jiang  Yi, Xie Xiaoyun, Yu Xiangyang. A kind of multi stage evaporative cooling  method. 200910211270.6, under reviewing.

[8] Jiang  Yi, Xie Xiaoyun. A kind of freeze-proof all year running indirect  evaporative chiller. 201220592325.xunder reviewing.

[9] Xie  Xiaoyun, Jiang Yi. A kind of multi stage side-spring cooling system for  exhaust gas heat recovering. 201310049426.1.under reviewing.

[10] Jiang  Yi, Xie Xiaoyun. A kind of indirect evaporative cooling method for inlet  air cooling of gas turbine.201310049428.0.under reviewing.


Published  Papers

[1] Xiaoyun  Xie, Yi Jiang, Yidan Tang, et al. Simulation and Experimental Analysis  of a Fresh Air-Handling Unit with Liquid Desiccant Sensible and Latent  Heat Recovery.Build Simul, 2008, 1:53-63.SCI:V16QT

[2] Yi  Jiang, Xiaoyun Xie. Theoretical and Testing Performance of an Innovative  Indirect  Evaporative Chiller. Solar Energy,  84(2010):2041-2055.SCI:692BG,EI,20104713406363;INSPEC,11661444;

[3] Yi  Jiang, Xiaoyun Xie, He Huang, et al. A test bench for Vacuum heat and  mass transfer processes. Proceedings of ISHVAC 2011:  854~864.EI,20123815453106

[4] Xiaoyun  Xie, Yidan Tang, Xiaoqin Yi, et al. Simulation Analysis on the Air  Handling Unit With Liquid Desiccant Total Heat Recovery. Proceedings of  the 10th International Building Performance Simulation Association  Conference and Exhibition, 2007: Vols1~3:642~648 ISTP (CPCI-S):BHI13

[5] Haixiang  Li, Xiaoyun Xie, Xiaohua Liu, Yi Jiang. The choice for liquid desiccant  regeneration: heating air or heating solution. The 5th International  Symposium on Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning, 2007:  669-672.ISTP (CPCI-S):BHD24

[6] Xiaoyun Xie, Yi Jiang. An indirect evaporative chiller. Frontiers of  Energy and Power Engineering in China, 2010(4):66~76.INSPEC: 11752561

[7]  Xiaoyun Xie, Yi Jiang, Shuanqiang Liu, et al. Design and  Development of indirect evaporative chiller. HVAC, 2007, 37(7):   66-85.In Chinese.

[8] Xiaoyun  Xie, Yi Jiang. Some views of Design and Thermal Calculation of  Evaporative Cooling Air Conditioning. HVAC,2010,40(11):1~12.In Chinese.

[9] Yi  Jiang, Xiaoyun Xie, Xiangyang Yu. Indirect evaporative cooling  technology- High efficiency Application of Renewable outdoor dry air  resource of Northwest China. HVAC, 2009,39(9):1~4.In Chinese.

[10] Xiaoyun  Xie, Yi Jiang. Thermal analysis of evaporative cooling processes to  produce cold water. HVAC, 2011,41(3): 65~76.In  Chinese.

[11] Yi  Jiang, Xiaoyun Xie, Xiaohua Liu. Thermal principle of heat and moisture  conversion process of humid air. HVAC, 2011,41(3): 52~64.In Chinese.

[12] Yi  Jiang, Xiaoyun Xie. Research Report of Absorption heat pump Subject  Development. 《Research Report of Refrigeration Subject development》.  2012.12.

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