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(1) (Fall) Computer-aided Architecture Design(CAAD)  Method, 32 Periods.

(2) (Fall) Mathematic Application in Architecture, 48  Periods.

(3) (Fall) Computer Practice, 2 Weeks.

(4) (Spring) The Collaboration Design Technics of  Architecture in Wab, 32 Periods.


主要研究方向(Current Research)和研究领域(Research  Interests

Computer-aided Architecture Design(CAAD).

Building Information Process and Architectural Lighting.

Graphics and Image Process.



(1) A Summary of The IFC of Realizing Methods,  Proceedings of the Twelve Engineering Building Conference: COMPUTER  APPLICATION,Beijing, 2004.10,433-437

(2) Study on Computer-aided Illuminance Design Ways of  Facing to Architect, Lamp and IlluminanceChina,  2004/2,22-24

(3) Shape-controlled Synthesis of Silver Nanostructures Nanotechnology, 2005, 16, 2412-2414

(4) Synthesis of Copper Nanowires Under a Direct Current  Electric Field Nanotechnology, 2005,16, 2030-2032

(5) A Class of Statistical Estimator of Pulse Transfer  Function for Linear Systems, Proceedings of the Eight International  Conference: PATTERN RECOGNITION AND INFORMATION PROCESSING, Minsk,  2005.5, 102-104

(6) Advanced Research On Apperceive Cognize and Visual  Opinion of Virtual Actor in Virtual Architecture Environment,  Proceedings of International Conference on Architecture Digital Technique (2008), 184-192.

(7) The Destructive Testing LED Wafers Scan System on PC, Microcomputer Information, 2009.10, 1-2.

(8) The Study and Implementation of Indoor Lighting Radiosity Algorithm, Eco-City and Green Building, 2010.9,166-168.

(9) One Parametric Programming Method of Virtual  Reconstruction for Ancient Building, The building digital technology Teaching Conference,  china,2011,195-198.

(10)The  Optimization Algorithm of Hourly Shadow Calculation Based on  Collision Detection, 18th National Academic Conference on Heating,  Ventilation, Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration (2012),298-305.

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