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Research Field

Micro-climate around buildings

Thermal environment in Subway system

Experiment & Simulation on Natural  Ventilation



1990.9-1994.7   Bachelor, Harbin  University of Civil Eng. & Arch.

1994.9-1997.7   Master, Department of  Thermal Engineering, Tsinghua University

1999.9-2003.12  Doctor, School of  Architecture, Tsinghua Univ.


Academic Experience

School of  Architecture, Tsinghua University

2001Visiting  Scholar, Tokyo University, Japan.

1997present,  Associate Professor, School of Architecture, Tsinghua University. 


Research Project

[1]National  11-5th Science and Technology Project,  Demonstration project on the integrated renewable within buildings,  Hebei University of Technology;

[2]Key  project of National “eleventh five-year science and technology  supportive plan”: “Research and demonstration of key technology of  building energy efficiency”: “Building energy efficiency design method  and simulation software development”, 2006-2010.

[3] Science and  technology plan of MOST :”Virtual reality of subway disaster (VR) and  disaster prevention system of Beijing subway control center (OCC)”.

[4]National Science Fund  research projectResearch  on the formation of the airflow turbulence characteristic within indoor  environment, 2005~2007;

[5]National Science  and Technology Ministry 11-5th  project Research  of Key Technology for reductions method of building energy consumption,  2004.6~2006.6.

[6]Guangzhou Metro  Corp., Research on the environment control system of the screen door in  Guangzhou subway system. 2007.7~2008.5.

[7]Arup, Building  environment on site measurement in HK SAR, 2005.8~2005.12

[8] The Palace MuseumSimulation  research on the HVAC scheme of the Meridian Gate Exhibition Hall in the  Palace Museum2004.3~2004.6

[9]Guangzhou Metro Corp.,  Measurement of the thermal environment of Guangzhou Metro Line 12003.5~2003.12



[1] Building Ventilation32  classes10~15  persons

[2] Design of HVAC system39  classes30  persons



1Meridian  Gate Exhibition Hall of the Palace Museum, UNESCO Asia-Pacific Heritage  Awards for Culture Heritage Conservation, awarded by UNESCO, 2005

2Subway  Thermal Environment Study, the second prize of Progress in Science &  Technology, award by Ministry of Education, 2000

3Professional  practice in education of building service engineering, the 1st-class  Prize of University Education, awarded by Beijing Municipal Commission  of Education, 2009.


Social Title

[1].Fellow Member, Green building  evaluation Council of Minstry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of  the People’s Republic of China.


[2].Fellow Member, Green building  evaluation Council of Beijing City Project Construction Committee



[1]Cheng Li, Xiaofeng Li, Yaxuan Su,  Yingxin Zhu , A new zero-equation turbulence model for micro-scale  climate simulation[J], Building and Environment, 2012( 47): P243-255.

[2]Jie Ma, Xiaofeng Li, and Yingxin  Zhu. A simplified method to predict the outdoor thermal environment in  residential district. Building Simulation, 2012. 5(2): p. 157-167.

[3]Zhen Zeng, Xiaofeng Li, Cheng Li,  Yingxin Zhu. Modeling ventilation in naturally ventilated double-skin  façade with a venetian blind. Building and Environment, 2012. 57(0): p.  1-6.

[4]Cheng Li, Zhen Zeng, Xiaofeng Li,  Application of The porous media model in the natural ventilation  simulation of double skin façade], 7th International Symposium on  Heating, Ventilating and Air-Conditioning (ISHVAC 2011), Shanghai,  China, 2011

[5] Borong Lin, Xiaofeng Li, Yingxin  Zhu, and Youguo Qin, Numerical simulation studies of the different  vegetation patterns  effects on outdoor pedestrian thermal comfort, Journal of Wind  Engineering & Industrial Aerodynamics  2008

[6] Liang Li, Xiaofeng Li, Borong Lin,  Yingxin Zhu, Improved k-epsilon two-equation turbulence model for canopy  flow, ATMOSPHERIC ENVIRONMENT, 2006(2), v 40,  p 762-770

[7] Zhang YP, Li XF, Wang XK, Deng W,  Qian K, Spatial flow influence factor: A novel concept for indoor air  pollutant control, SCIENCE IN CHINA SERIESE-ENGINEERING & MATERIALS  SCIENCE, 2006(2), v 49, p 115-128

[9] Xiaofeng Li, Yingxin Zhu, Xianting  Li, Qisen Yan, Numerical prediction of microclimate in residential  building cluster, Energy and the Environment - Proceedings of the  International Conference on Energy and the Environment, 2003, p  1143-1147

[10] Yi Jiang, Xiaofeng Li, Bin Zhao,  Zhiqin Zhang, Yufeng Zhang, SARS and ventilation, Proceedings of the  2003 4th International Symposium on Heating, Ventilating and Air  Conditioning, 2003, p 27-36

[11] Borong Lin, Xiaofeng Li, Yingxin  Zhu, Technical focuses and approaches for improving the outside  environment quality for green housingsEnergy  and the Environment - Proceedings of the International Conference on  Energy and the Environment, 2003, p 1131-1136

[12]Xiaofeng Li, Zhiqin Zhang, Borong  Lin, Yingxin Zhu, Experimental researches on the outdoor microclimatic  characteristics of a residential building cluster, Energy and the  Environment - Proceedings of the International Conference on Energy and  the Environment, 2003, p 1148-1153

[13]Zhang YF, Li XFZhu  YXJiang  Y, Research on infectious concentration of airborne Sars virus,  Proceedings of the 2003 4th International Symposium on Heating,  Ventilating and Air Conditioning, p164-171,2003

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